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Smartrail 4.0 – a project of the Swiss rail industry.

Switzerland is a railway nation. To keep it this way, SBB, BLS, Schweizerische Südostbahn AG (SOB), the Rhaetian Railway (RhB) and the Swiss Association of Public Transport (VöV) are collaborating and involving the entire rail industry in the process. With the smartrail 4.0 project, we are working together to make the railway fit for the digital future.

Due to their age, numerous technical systems important to the operating of trains will be replaced over the coming years. At the same time, technology is developing at ever greater speed and offers new opportunities for trains to operate more efficiently and punctually.

To ensure that railway customers truly benefit from the digital era, we work together in a coordinated manner on the smartrail 4.0 project.

The smartrail 4.0 project is divided into six sub-projects and focuses on technological development over the next 20 years. We are developing new systems for the rail industry and will achieve our objectives together: lower costs. Increased capacity. Increased punctuality. Increased safety.

SmartRail 4.0: Innovationsprogramm der Schweizer Bahnbranche
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