BLS workshops

Reconstruction and expansion of the Bönigen workshop

BLS is expanding its Bönigen workshop until 2027. The workshop is being comprehensively renovated and modernised.

BLS will concentrate all major repair and upgrade work at its Bönigen workshop by no later than 2027. This consolidation will allow BLS to conduct all such work centrally, efficiently and in an operationally logical manner. To this end, the workshop is being reconstructed and expanded over the coming years. BLS thereby continues to be a major employer in the Bernese Oberland.

From 2019 to 2027, BLS is constructing several new buildings in Bönigen. A new motor-bogie and wheelset hall as well as a new technology building will be constructed on the existing site. These will be joined by a logistics building and a hall for 105-metre-long trains. The transfer table on which the vehicles are moved between these two buildings is being overhauled. The offices, changing rooms and reception are being modernised in line with today’s requirements.

Project aims

  • Major servicing and maintenance work on trains and locomotives is to be consolidated in Bönigen.
  • State-of-the-art workshops facilitate efficient working
  • Contemporary workplaces and training places

Key figures

  • Approx. CHF 138 million Total costs of reconstruction and expansion incl. already completed immediate measures


  • Planning of the project for the expansion and development on the Bönigen site 2018–2021
  • Approval process staged across all sub-projects 2019–2023
  • Incremental implementation of the measures for the workshop reconstruction and expansion 2019–2027
  • Completion of BLS’ sole site for heavy-duty maintenance work 2027

The individual measures

  • New energy centre
  • Renovation and upgrading of the transfer table
  • New administration building
  • New logistics hall
  • New motor-bogie and wheelset hall
  • New hall for working on 105-metre-long multi-unit trains
  • New paintwork and upholstery
  • Upgrades to the track infrastructure
  • Upgrades to the accessways and landscaping
  • Demolition of the bus hall
BLS workshops
Why new workshops are needed
BLS workshops
Neue Werkstatt Spiez
Spiez workshop overhaul

The construction work on the Spiez workshop was completed on 6 December 2019. The work was carried out over the course of two years while operations continued uninterrupted.

BLS workshops
BLS needs a workshop within the Bern region
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