Construction projects

Construction noise and other disruptions

Everyone wants clean, convenient and modern public transport with a frequent timetable and quick connections. The demands placed on transport companies are constantly growing, as people’s mobility behaviour is changing. And that’s a good thing. In order to meet customer expectations, however, we have to continuously renew and expand our route network.

This work is organised in such a way that extremely noisy projects are executed during the daytime where possible. Furthermore, we often conduct several pending construction or maintenance projects at once on the same route and during the same period. This prevents the noise lasting several months, and means that construction machines and manpower can be utilised more efficiently. The construction workers on site are also routinely given awareness training on how to be quieter at night in particular, without their work being limited in its efficacy.

Why does construction work also need to be carried out at night?

Night shifts are sometimes necessary because certain kinds of work (e.g. on the overhead lines or tracks) can only be carried out when no trains are operating. Time as a factor is crucial, however: large construction machines need to be booked months in advance. And these machines can also be rather costly. The longer they stand at the construction site, the more expensive the whole thing becomes. This is why night-time construction work allows costs to be kept down.

BLS informs local residents in good time

Construction work on railway systems in particular is highly complex and requires careful planning. Because public transport is based in the hearts of our towns and villages, construction sites negatively impact our daily lives. Railway bridges are closed, trains are rerouted or replaced with buses, and we are confronted with dust and noise. In order to help residents and passengers prepare themselves better, we inform them in good time via dedicated channels. We send out information to residents, alert local media and authorities, place adverts, and are active on social media. In collaboration with our project partners, we also continue to host information events in the municipalities affected.

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