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Umbau Werkstätte Spiez

Seit dem 6. Dezember 2019 sind die Bauarbeiten in der Werkstätte Spiez abgeschlossen. Während zwei Jahren wurde unter laufendem Betrieb umgebaut.

Was wurde gemacht?

What work has been done?

The workshop in Spiez was in poor structural condition. Part of the old workshop was replaced with a larger, modern hall. It is 145 metres long and 38 metres wide. The building is made of steel with prefabricated façade elements. The new building offers sufficient space for servicing the 105-metre-long trains. The old washing facility has been replaced by a modern, environmentally friendly one. The track connections, workshop rail network including points, traction-power and safety systems were also upgraded. The workshop continued to operate during the reconstruction phase. Heavy-duty maintenance work was transferred to the workshop at Bönigen, where it will continue to be performed in future.

In Spiez, BLS services its passenger trains, locomotives and construction vehicles. The work includes:

  • Vehicle cleaning
  • Repairs to doors, air-conditioning units, radiators and lighting
  • Wheel inspections

From 2025 onwards, BLS trains will be serviced at the three sites in Spiez, Bönigen and Chliforst Nord. Around 440 employees ensure that BLS always has enough clean and operational trains at the ready for its customers.

Project aims

  • Ensuring light vehicle servicing on the eastern section of the S-Bahn Bern network.
  • Take-over of the work of the Bern Aebimatt workshop, which BLS will no longer be able to use to maintain trains and locomotives as of the end of 2019.
  • The overhauled workshop will allow the new BLS fleet, comprising 105-metre-long trains, to be serviced.
  • The modernisation of the facility allows for more efficient servicing of the vehicles.
  • The facility has been brought up to speed in terms of fire and occupational safety.
  • Modernising the login training centre.
Weshalb es neue Werkstätten braucht
Werkstätte Oberburg

Um- und Neubau der bestehenden Werkstätte ist in Planung.

Werkstätte Bönigen

Die BLS baut ihre Werkstätte in Bönigen bis 2027 aus. Sie wird dabei umfassend saniert und modernisiert.

Werkstätte Givisiez

Übergangslösung für die Instandhaltung unserer S-Bahn Züge.

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