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Excursion ideas for all those who like to get active in their free time

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Be it hiking, cycling or simply enjoying the beauty of nature – discover a wealth of great leisure activities for every taste.

Wanderung Via Stockalper Bahnhof Varzo

ViaStockalper Val Divedro hike

Wanderung auf der Lötschberger-Südrampe

Classic walk along the Lötschberger southern approach


The six loveliest cycling and e-bike routes

Cycling is one of the best ways to discover the BLS region. Here you’ll find six of the loveliest bike tours that take you through magnificent landscapes, picturesque villages and to dazzling lakes and rivers.

Herzschlaufe Burgdorf unterwegs

Emmental Valley: Herzschlaufe Gotthelf

Einen Stopp bei einem Selbstbedienungsladen zum kaufen von frische Radieschen.

Murten: Discover the Three Lakes Region on your bike

E-Bike-Tour zum Creux du Van

Creux du Van: On the trail of absinthe – the “green fairy”

Pause an der Sense Nähe Thörishaus

Herzschlaufe Sense: E-Bike tour Laupen–Plaffeien–Laupen


Langnau: Kambly Experience Tour

Herzroute: Etappe Langnau i.E.–Thun

Cardio route "King's Stage" Langnau-Thun

Plan your next excursion with BLS

Looking for some more unforgettable leisure activities? With BLS you can travel sustainably and comfortably to the most beautiful excursion destinations in the region. Let yourself be inspired now!

Wandern Loetschberger Panoramaweg
Trip planner

Popular excursion destinations

Discover the most beautiful excursions in the BLS region.

Chaumont, der Neuenburger Hausberg
Chaumont – Neuchâtel's local mountain

In addition to the breathtaking view, Chaumont offers a whole range of activities for the adventurous and active.

Gurten Blumenwiese
Gurten – Bern's local mountain

Just a few minutes from the city centre, the Gurten beckons with views of the Bundeshaus, the old town and snow-covered mountain peaks.


Excursion tips for active people

Do you prefer to be outdoors in nature than indoors in your living room? Then you’ll love these excursions.

Rebberg Walenrain bei Spiez am Thunersee

Spiez–Thun panorama trail

BLS Ausflugstipp: Auf den Spuren der Grünen Fee im Val-de-Travers

Hiking in Val-de-Travers

Familienwanderung mit dem BLS Wanderbus.

Emmental: A family hike with a delicious ending

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Wanderung auf der Lötschberger-Südrampe

Classic walk along the Lötschberger southern approach

Wanderer auf der Suonenwanderung Ausserberg-Mund

Wallis: Ausserberg–Mund Suonen trail

Velofahrer auf einem Feldweg

4 hearty electric bike tours starting in Willisau

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Would you like to discover more great excursions? Whether you like to be active or take it easy - here you will find even more excursion ideas.

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