Finding the lowest fares

20 tips for finding the lowest fares

Travelling by public transport brings many benefits: it is fast, comfortable, environmentally friendly and can also be cheap. With these useful tips, you can learn how to find the lowest fares – no matter whether it’s for your daily commute or just the occasional trip.

3 tips for commuters

When is it worth getting a travelcard?

Do you travel by public transport on the same route more than two or three days a week? Then it is worth getting a travelcard.

In the BLS web shop, enter your route or zone and select the most suitable offer. If you have any questions, we will be happy to personally advise you at one of our BLS Travel Centres.

Pay for travelcards annually rather than monthly from 10.12.2023

Save money with an annual travelcard

By paying annually, you can save a lot of money when compared to monthly payments.

Example prices for max. number of zones

Per month Per month when paying annually Monthly saving
GA 355.00 333.00 22.00
Libero 315.00  236.25 78.75
Passepartout 265.00 236.25 28.75
Frimobil 259.00 194.25 64.75
Onde verte 172.00 129.00 43.00

More affordable 1st class

Treat yourself to a low-cost upgrade to 1st class.

When things get a bit tight again in 2nd class, the Supersaver Class Upgrade is the perfect solution. With a bit of luck, you can now switch to 1st class at a reduced price. You can purchase a Superaver Class Upgrade in the BLS web shop.

5 tips for occasional travellers

Day ticket with early booking discount

With the Saver Day Pass, you can travel throughout Switzerland by public transport for a day from as little as CHF 29.00

For anyone wishing to travel throughout Switzerland for a day, the Saver Day Pass is the best-value option. From just CHF 29.00, you can travel as much as you want by train, bus and boat, including across the national border

Early birds are rewarded – those who book the earliest pay the least.

Early planning is rewarded

Travel for the lowest fares with the supersaver ticket

If you know in advance where you want to travel, you should definitely buy your ticket as early as possible. This is because the earlier you buy a ticket, the greater the chance of getting your hands on a supersaver ticket offering a discount of up to 70%. Supersaver tickets are available exclusively online and can be purchased no earlier than 60 days in advance of your desired date of travel. Where possible, choose connections outside of the peak times.

All of Switzerland for half the price

Cut your travel costs in half with the Half-Fare travelcard

With the Half-Fare travelcard, you can enjoy half-price travel on nearly all public-transport routes. Buying the Half-Fare travelcard is also worthwhile for occasional travellers, as the cost is recouped with just a few journeys.

Travel more, pay less

The multi-trip ticket – the handy 6-trip ticket within the same fare network

Multi-trip tickets (six single journeys) are perfect for occasional journeys in the same zones. They are non-personalised and thus are transferable, meaning that they can be shared by several passengers.

The discount varies depending on the fare network

Libero  10% discount
Passepartout 5% discount
Onde verte 6 journeys for the price of 5

The multi-trip ticket on your smartphone

4 tips for families and children

CHF 30.00 per year when accompanied

Do you frequently use public transport with children? Then the Junior travelcard or Children’s Co-travelcard are the right choice for you.

That’s because the Junior travelcard or Children’s Co-travelcard entitle a child between the ages of 6 and 16 accompanied by a parent or other adult to travel for free on public transport for the period of one year.

CHF 19.00 per day, even if travelling alone

Travel throughout Switzerland for a day with the Children’s 1-day travelpass

Children aged 6 to 16 can travel throughout Switzerland for an entire day – either alone or accompanied – from as little as CHF 19.00. 

Free upgrade for expectant mothers

With the Mothers Pass, expectant mothers receive a free upgrade to first class.

During their pregnancy, expectant mothers with a second-class ticket receive a free upgrade to first class. The Mothers’ Pass can be ordered for free and is valid on all BLS trains and the BLS scheduled cruises.

Discounted GA prices for families

The GA travelcard for the whole family

Children, young people and their parents can purchase the GA travelcard at a discount. Find out about the different options at one of the BLS Travel Centres.

3 tips for young people

Save lots of money with travelcards

There are attractive discounts available to the under-25s

Depending on your age and how often and when you travel, you can save quite a lot of money when using public transport. Especially if you use the train or bus each day to get to work or school, there are some great discounts with a fare-network travelcard.

Let us advise you at one of our BLS Travel Centres and find out whether the GA, Fare-Network or Half-Fare travelcard is the right one for you.

Ride for free from 19.00 hours

Are you under the age of 25 and like to travel at night?

If so, the seven25 travelcard is just the right ticket for you. This lets you travel as much as you like throughout the entire GA zone between the hours of 19.00 and 05.00 (or until 07.00 hours at weekends and public holidays).

Half-price travel throughout Switzerland

Saving money has never been easier: enjoy half-price travel throughout Switzerland with the Half-Fare travelcard

Up until your 25th birthday, the cost of a new Half-Fare travelcard is CHF 120.00 per year. If you extend it for a second year, you already benefit from the loyalty discount and pay just CHF 100.00 a year.

4 tips for day-trippers

Discounted leisure offers

Travel by public transport and benefit from exclusive discounts

Combined offers allow you to enjoy great discounts on travel and leisure activities such as museum entry fees or ski-lift day tickets.

The ticket for the entire Bernese Oberland

Berner Oberland Pass

Explore the Bernese Oberland to your heart’s content on 3, 4, 6, 8 or 10 consecutive days. With a 10-day pass, a day’s travel by public transport including cable cars costs you only CHF 31.60.

Interrail – freedom to travel across Europe

Ready for a rail-based road trip?

An Interrail Pass allows you travel cheaply and sustainably throughout Europe. Interrail Passes are available not just for young people but also adults and families. Up to two children under the age of 12 can even travel for free when accompanied by a guardian with an adult pass!

1 tip for groups

Travel for less with 10 or more people

Because you have more adventures in a group

With a group ticket, groups of 10 or more people benefit from a 30% discount on the standard fare.

Sparen beim Schiff und  Autoverlad
Lötschberg & Simplon car transport service
Points card for frequent travellers

Up to 40% discount on individual trips between Kandersteg and Goppenstein.

Lötschberg car transport service
Annual season ticket for commuters

Unrestricted use of the Car Transport service

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