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Travelling with children

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Children in Switzerland enjoy low-cost or even free use of public transport. Young people and families also receive discounted tickets and travelcards.

Tickets for families

Travelling by public transport in Switzerland is free for children aged 0 to 6. Special children's tickets are available at reduced rates for children aged 6 to 16. These tickets allow young explorers to discover the impressive Swiss landscape safely and at a reasonable price. Find the right offer here:
Juniorkarte / Kindermitfahrkarte: freie Fahrt für Kinder von 6 bis 16 Jahren

Junior Travelcard and Children’s Co-Travelcard

General-Abo – sorglos durch die Schweiz

GA Travelcard for Children

from CHF 1645.00
Kind schaut aus Zugfenster

Junior Travelcard and Children’s Co-Travelcard

Mehr Reisekomfort während der Schwangerschaft

Mothers Pass

Globi sitting next to a child on a bench on the paddle steamer

Junior Travelcard and Children’s Co-Travelcard

Travelling with pushchairs

We are working on providing you with step-free access to our trains, buses and boats.

At the station and on the train

By 2025, we are aiming to ensure that all our stations feature wide and raised platforms (for level boarding and exiting of low-floor trains), ramps, or large lifts. Until then, you can rely on help from our staff and from fellow passengers. The majority of BLS trains have at least one low-floor access point. Look out for the wheelchair symbol on the doors. The newer types of trains include what are termed multi-function areas with sufficient space for your pushchair, which can be placed directly next to your seat. On our RegioExpress trains, our conductors will show you the best place for your pushchair.

At the bus stop and on the bus

All of our buses in the Emmental region have an automatic lowering mechanism. Look for the doors featuring a wheelchair symbol. There you will also find a platform offering space for pushchairs. You can then simply settle down on the fold-down seats.

At the boat landing stage and on the boat

Our staff will be happy to help you with boarding and exiting via the boat landing stage. Ideally, pushchairs should be stored in the entrance area as soon as you board.

Travelling with your bicycle

If you wish to travel with your bicycle (taking it on board yourself), you will need a ticket. However, children’s bikes or similar items can be transported free of charge provided the child concerned is under six.

Interaktive Ausstellung zu den Themen Wasser, Stör, Kaviar, Genuss und Energie
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Mehr Reisekomfort während der Schwangerschaft
Mothers Pass

Greater comfort when travelling during pregnancy

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