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Travellers with disabilities

Freedom of movement for all. We want to also enable our passengers with disabilities to travel spontaneously and independently. Here you can find all the information concerning barrier-free travel.

We continuously develop our services to offer you independent travel. Many of the requisite measures – such as the use of trains with low-floor access including sliding steps, taller platforms, and step-free access routes to public-transport sales points, WCs, kiosks, etc. – have already been implemented, with others being planned. By 2023, we plan for our entire network in terms of both vehicles and infrastructure to meet the needs of our passengers with disabilities, enabling them to travel independently. This page informs you about which of our services can already be used where.

Wheelchair-users and passengers with limited mobility

Lines with low-floor vehicles train and bus

Please note that in the event of a sudden disruption in service, we cannot guarantee a replacement train with low-floor access.

RegioExpress lines

Most RegioExpress lines do not operate with low-floor vehicles. Passengers in wheelchairs can only board and exit the train at the support stations.

The following RegioExpress lines are currently operating with low-floor multi-unit trains (with sliding steps):

Lötschberger Bern–Spiez–Brig + Zweisimmen
Spiez–Zweisimmen (additional trains)

Regio lines

Most Regio lines do not operate with low-floor vehicles. Passengers in wheelchairs can only board and exit the train at the support stations.

The following Regio lines are currently operating with low-floor trains (with sliding steps):

Regio Burgdorf–Solothurn
Regio Kerzers–Lyss
Büren an der Aare–Lyss
Spiez–Interlaken Ost

S-Bahn lines Bern

All lines operate with low-floor multi-unit trains or vehicles with at least one intermediate coach featuring low-floor access (with sliding steps).

S1 Fribourg/Freiburg–Bern–Thun
Laupen BE–Bern–Langnau
Biel/Bienne–Bern–Belp (–Thun)
(Biel/Bienne–) Münchenbuchsee–Bern–Belp
Thun–Belp–Bern–Burgdorf–Langnau i.E.
Thun–Belp–Bern–Burgdorf–Wiler (–Solothurn) + Sumiswald-Grünen
Bern–Neuchâtel + Murten/Morat (–Payerne)
Bern–Bern Brünnen Westside
Bern–Kerzers (–Ins–Neuchâtel)

S-Bahn lines Central Switzerland

The S6, S61 and S7 lines operate exclusively with low-floor multi-unit trains (with sliding steps)

S6 Lucerne–Wolhusen–Langnau i.E. + Langenthal S61 Lucerne–Schachen LU
S7 Wolhusen–Langenthal

Bus lines

All BLS buses feature convenient low-floor access with a “kneeling” mechanism to lower the bus.

Support stations where you can get help 

Our staff will help you to board and exist the train at the following stations within the BLS route network. For this purpose, please register with the staff of the “SBB Call Center Handicap” one hour (two hours at some stations) before departure. These are available to you daily between 06.00 and 22.00 hours by calling the toll-free number 0800 007 102.

  • Bern
  • Bern Bümpliz Nord
  • Biel/Bienne
  • Brig
  • Burgdorf
  • Domodossola**
  • Fribourg/Freiburg
  • Frutigen
  • Hasle-Rüegsau*
  • Huttwil*
  • Interlaken Ost
  • Interlaken West
  • Kandersteg
  • Kerzers*
  • Kirchberg-Alchenflüh*
  • Konolfingen
  • Langenthal
  • Langnau
  • Lucerne
  • Lyss
  • Münchenbuchsee
  • Münsingen
  • Murten/Morat
  • Neuchâtel
  • Payerne*
  • Solothurn
  • Spiez
  • Thun
  • Willisau*
  • Zweisimmen

 *   Registration 2 hrs before departure

** Registration 48 hrs before departure

Boats where you have access

Wheelchair-users can access the main deck (second class) on all our cruise boats. The boats also feature wheelchair-friendly toilets. On the boats MS Stadt Thun and MS Berner Oberland, the upper deck (first class) is also accessible via a lift (no electric wheelchairs).

Barrier-free ticket machines 4 quadrant solution

We position the screens and controls on our ticket machines in such a way that they can also be used by customers in wheelchairs.

For visually impaired customers, the screens on our ticket machines feature the four square mode. This solution features a special user interface in the form of enlarged buttons for purchasing favourite tickets.

Discounted travel for travellers with handicaps

Companion card

If a disabled person requires a companion when travelling by train, they can purchase companion card (ID card required). This allows the companion to travel for free.

The ID card provides you with the following options:

  • Free travel for a companion
  • Free travel for a guide dog
  • Free travel for a companion and a guide dog

Discounted GA travelcards

By submitting an ID card for IV pensioners in the Federal Invalidity Insurance Scheme or a permit for claiming a GA travelcard for travellers with a disability (submission at the IV office), the first- and second-class GA travelcard is available at a discounted price.

You are eligible if:

  • You are claiming a pension from the Federal Invalidity Insurance Scheme
  • Are receiving a helplessness allowance
  • Are receiving a guide-dog benefit
  • Are permanently wheelchair-bound (medical certificate required)

Rate reductions for working dogs

Active working dogs travel for free in first class and second class with no additional charges being levied on board.

You are eligible if:

  • You hold a valid ticket
  • You hold a special ID card for working dogs
  • Your dog is wearing a full harness, with or without a rigid handle, and is appropriately identified with a special tag on its collar.

ID card for blind and visually impaired passengers using local public transport

People who are blind or visually impaired receive the ID card for blind and visually impaired passengers using local public transport.

The ID card provides you with the following options:

  • Free travel on local public transport (bus and tram) in numerous Swiss cities
  • Free travel for a companion and a guide dog

Park+Ride Disabled parking spaces

We offer handy Park+Ride spaces at many train stations.

Train station


Daily parking ticket

Aefligen 1 CHF 6.00
Bern Bümpliz Nord 1 CHF 16.00
Biberist Ost 1
Burgdorf Steinhof 1 CHF 6.00
Burgistein 2 CHF 6.00
Gampelen 1 CHF 6.00
Gerlafingen 1 CHF 6.00
Gettnau 1 CHF 6.00
Grünenmatt 1 CHF 6.00
Gümmenen 2 CHF 6.00
Hasle-Rüegsau 1 CHF 6.00
Hüswil 1 CHF 6.00
3 CHF 6.00
Interlaken West 1 CHF 8.00
Kehrsatz Nord 1 CHF 6.00
Kirchberg-Alchenflüh 1 CHF 6.00
Köniz 1 CHF 8.00
Lotzwil 1 CHF 6.00
Menznau 1
CHF 6.00
Moos 1 CHF 6.00
Oberdiessbach 1 CHF 6.00
Oey-Diemtigen 1 CHF 6.00
Ramsei 1 CHF 6.00
Schwarzenburg 1 CHF 6.00
Spiez 2 Upon request
Steffisburg 1 CHF 6.00
Sumiswald-Grünen 1 CHF 6.00
Toffen 1 CHF 6.00
Utzenstorf 1 CHF 6.00
Wiler 1 CHF 6.00
Call centre
Assistance when boarding and alighting

Freephone customer hotline: 0800 007 102
from 6 am to 10.30 pm

Order form for assistance

Our topics
Barrier-free travel

Easy boarding, barrier-free access to information, travelling safely – everyone benefits from unobstructed mobility. By the end of 2023, our passengers will be able to enjoy barrier-free access to the stations and trains throughout the BLS network. In this manner, BLS will meet the requirements of the Swiss Disability Discrimination Act in all of its trains and at all of its 115 stations and stops.


Services at our stops
Parking at the station

And convenient onward travel by train or bus.

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