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Treat yourself to a trip in first class

If you have a ticket, a day pass or a GA for the 2nd class, you can subsequently convert your ticket into a 1st class ticket. This allows you to travel in 1st class on a specific route or for a whole day or even a whole month.

Tip: travelling with a Supersaver Class Upgrade is particularly good value. Look out for corresponding offers in the BLS Mobil App or in the BLS Webshop.

Supersaver class upgrade for a specific route

Would you like to enjoy the comfort of 1st class at the best possible price? Then look out for the Saver Class Upgrade in the BLS Webshop and benefit from a discount of up to 70% on your upgrade from 2nd class to 1st class.

A Saver Class Upgrade is only valid for the selected day of travel and the selected public transport connection (train commitment). It can be combined with almost all 2nd class tickets or travelcards (e.g. GA Travelcard, Point-to-Point Travelcard, Saver Day Pass etc.). The only exception: the Saver Class Upgrade cannot be combined with supersaver tickets.

How to purchase your Saver Class Upgrade:

  • Saver Class Upgrades are only available online.
  • Enter the desired route and travel day in the online timetable.
  • Select your preferred connection and click on the corresponding price in blue.
  • Check the offers displayed. If available, select «Saver Class Update» and carry out the purchase process..
  • If you click on «Add traveller», you can also buy a Saver Class Upgrade for fellow travellers right away.

The same general conditions apply as for Supersaver Tickets.

Class upgrade for a specific route

Route-related class upgrades are available at full and discounted half price. Holders of the GA and Half-Fare travelcards as well as children under the age of 16 pay only the discounted price.

Note: Please always choose 1st class when purchasing a day class change in the online shop.

Class upgrade for 1 day

With a day class change, you ride for one day in the 1st class.

Day class changes are only valid in conjunction with a Half-Fare travelcard plus a 1-day travelpass (1-day travel pass for Half-Fare travelcard, 1-day travel passes available in communes, Promotion Day Pass, Saver Day Pass) or with a second class GA travelcard.

Note: Please always choose 1st class when purchasing a day class change in the online shop.

  • CHF 300.00 Multipack of 1-day class upgrades*
  • CHF 50.00 1-day class upgrade

Class upgrade for the GA travelcard

The one-month class upgrade allows you to travel first class for a month with your second class GA travelcard. One-month class upgrades are not available for the Familia GA travelcard for children and the 1-month GA Travelcard.

For GA Travelcard combinations, monthly class upgrades for discounted GA Travelcards are only possible if the basic GA Travelcard has been issued for the 1st class. 

Monats-Klassenwechsel für ein GA 2. Klasse

  • CHF 225.00 Adults
  • CHF 165.00 Concessions

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