Class upgrade

Treat yourself to a trip in first class

Class upgrades are available for certain routes, for a day or, for GA travelcard holders, for a month. You will need a ticket, a 1-day travelpass or a second class GA travelcard to upgrade to first class.

Class upgrade for the route

Route-related class upgrades are available at full and discounted half price. Holders of the GA and Half-Fare travelcards as well as children under the age of 16 pay only the discounted price.

1-day class upgrade

With a day class change, you ride for one day in the 1st class.

Day class changes are only valid in conjunction with a Half-Fare travelcard plus a 1-day travelpass (1-day travel pass for Half-Fare travelcard, 1-day travel passes available in communes, Promotion Day Pass, Saver Day Pass) or with a second class GA travelcard.

  • CHF 52.00 1-day class upgrade
  • CHF 312.00 Multipack of 1-day class upgrades*

* Multiple-journey ticket with six 1-day class upgrades or six 9 o’clock class upgrades on one ticket

GA class upgrade 1–11 months

The GA class upgrade 1–11 months makes your second class GA travelcard a first class GA travelcard for the desired period.

Monats-Klassenwechsel für ein GA 2. Klasse

  • CHF 225.00 Adults
  • CHF 165.00 Concessions

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