BLS workshops

Interim solution for servicing our S-Bahn trains

In order to ensure that it can continue to service S-Bahn trains during the transition phase between the closure of the Bern-Aebimatt workshop in late 2019 and the planned commissioning of the new facility in Chliforst Nord, BLS has signed a user agreement with transports publics fribourgeois (tpf).

From the end of 2019 onwards, BLS can service its entire fleet of MUTZ trains on two hired tracks in the new tpf workshop in Givisiez. This guarantees the smooth, secure and punctual servicing of BLS’ vehicles until at least the end of 2025. The use of the two servicing tracks in Givisiez is a key pillar of BLS’ servicing strategy.


  • 09.2019 The first BLS trains are serviced in Givisiez
  • 10.2019 Full operation of the two servicing tracks: full-capacity servicing of BLS MUTZ double-decker trains
  • 12.2027 Scheduled move to the new S-Bahn workshop at Chliforst Nord
BLS workshops
Neue Werkstatt Visualisierung 1
BLS needs a workshop within the Bern region
Werkstatt Givisiez − Der Bau des zukünftigen TPF-Zentrums
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BLS workshops
Reconstruction and expansion of the Bönigen workshop

BLS is expanding its Bönigen workshop until 2027. The workshop is being comprehensively renovated and modernised.

BLS workshops
Spiez workshop overhaul

The construction work on the Spiez workshop was completed on 6 December 2019. The work was carried out over the course of two years while operations continued uninterrupted.

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