Services for external rail-sector customers

Services for railway companies

We also offer an extensive range of individual services related to rail operations to customers outside the BLS group Clients can benefit from our long-standing expertise in the fields of construction, maintenance, servicing and staff training.

Rolling stock maintenance BLS workshops

Whether for locomotives, passenger carriages or freight wagons, we offer an extensive range of individual services.

As the long-term internal partner for the maintenance and cleaning of the BLS rolling stock, we know and understand the requirements of the passenger and freight rail sectors. We are therefore very happy when we can also utilise our experience on behalf of external customers. Nowadays, in fact, 20% of our turnover is derived from external rail company clients from all across Switzerland.

Workshop services

  • On-site maintenance for rolling stock and servicing
  • Inspections and repairs
  • Periodic technical inspections of rolling stock
  • Reprofiling of wheel sets on our underground lathe
  • Wheel set reconditioning
  • Bogie modifications
  • Modification and repair of components
  • Reconditioning of electronics
  • Execution of interior fittings (upholstery, seat covers, etc.)
  • Retrofit activities

Our workshops also offer maintenance services for specialised rolling stock such as car transporter wagons, brake vans, radio coaches and test coaches, infrastructure coaches, fire and rescue trains, track construction coaches and two-way coaches.


  • APG – SGA Traffic SA
  • Appenzeller Bahnen
  • ASM Aare Seeland mobil
  • Bahn-Support GmbH
  • BLS Cargo Ltd
  • BLS Netz AG
  • BLS Ltd Passenger Transport
  • BLS Foundation
  • Bombardier Transportation AG
  • Federal Office of Transport (FOT)
  • Busland AG
  • Carlo Vanoli AG
  • Chemin de fer du Jura
  • Enotrac AG
  • Furrer + Frey AG
  • Goldenpass Services
  • HARSCO Rail Europe Gmbh
  • Holcim (Schweiz) AG
  • Jungfraubahnen (BOB, WAB)
  • Krebs Gleisbau GmbH & Co KG
  • login
  • Makies AG Gettnau
  • Marti Betriebe Zell
  • Matisa SA
  • Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn
  • Prose Ltd
  • Railpool GmbH
  • RAlpin Ltd
  • RBS Regionalverkehr Bern–Solothurn
  • RHB Rhaetian Railway
  • SBB Historic
  • SBB Infrastructure
  • SBB Passenger Traffic
  • Scheuchzer Ltd
  • Sersa Group
  • Südostbahn
  • Stadler Rail Group
  • TPF Transports publics fribourgeois
  • TMR Transports de Martigny et Régions SA
  • Travys SA
  • TransN
  • Vanomag AG
  • Wascosa Ltd
  • Windhoff Bahn- und Anlagentechnik GmbH
  • zb Zentralbahn AG

Quality certifications

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • VPI evaluation (Vereinigung der Privatgüterwagen-Interessenten/Association of Private Freight Train Operators)
  • ECM (Entity in Charge of Maintenance) certification in accordance with EU Regulation 445/2011 for the Oberburg, Bönigen and Spiez workshops and for welding in accordance with EN 15085-2 / ISO 3834-2-2005.

Contact Mon–Fri 08.00–12.00 and 13.30–17.00 hours

The Key Account Management team of the Railway Operations division will be happy to act as your partner on any commercial matters.

Construction and maintenance services BLS infrastructure

Construction services

  • Track: maintenance and renewal, track replacement, points maintenance, vegetation control
  • Automation: maintenance, repair and fault rectification of safety systems, level crossings, points control systems and signalling systems
  • Overhead lines: maintenance, renewal and fault intervention for overhead line systems, switches and earthing systems
  • Forestry operations: clearance, reforestation, felling of trees for safety purposes
  • Path and track work: construction or repair of footpaths, hiking trails and forest roads
  • Drainage systems: construction or repair of water pipes and water channels

Safety issues at construction sites close to railways

  • Assistance with the planning of structures adjacent to railway facilities
  • Advice and development of safety concepts for building sites adjacent to railway tracks
  • Advice and implementation with the earthing of construction equipment and facilities
  • Safety wardens for building sites, for detonations, etc.

Training and loan of personnel

BLS offers rail-specific training options and courses for companies in related sectors. Depending on availability, our specialists can also be loaned or hired on a temporary basis.

Training options and courses on safety issues

  • RTE 20100 initial training (the “RTE” rule book on railway technology)
  • RTE 20100 basic training
  • Basic training on entry to rail facilities
  • Basic training on switching authorisation
  • Basic training for RTE 20100 safety managers
  • Basic training on RTE 20100 safety management
  • Basic training for RTE 20100 safety wardens
  • Instruction on switching and earthing (workshops and freight)
  • Testing, earthing and de-earthing
  • Switching authorisations for workshops
  • Route approval
  • Various refresher courses

Second-level courses

  • Conductors
  • Train drivers
  • Rail traffic controllers

Loan of specialists

  • Driving staff (for a variety of locomotive types and routes at 14 depot locations)
  • Conductors
  • Spot-check staff
  • Security staff (BLS-internal security service)

Contact Mon–Fri 08.00–12.00 and 13.30–17.00 hours

Loan of rail vehicles

We hire out our state-of-the-art fleet of rail vehicles, and can provide the appropriate vehicle for new-build, renovation or maintenance operations. Our modularly designed vehicles are equipped with multifunctional crane systems (safety cage), aerial work platforms and remote-control systems. Certain vehicles also include containers for accommodating workers, a large driver’s cabin with space for up to six people, or a loading area or container for transporting equipment and materials.

Our fleet management specialists would be happy to assist you in selecting the vehicle that is ideally suited to your area of application. Feel free to contact us if you would like to receive all necessary technical details.

Contact Mon–Fri 09.00-11.00 and 14.00-16.00 hours

Sales of train path and network access Network Statement

The Swiss rail reform of 1 January 1999 allows both domestic and foreign rail companies to utilise the Swiss rail network. For network access, a number of conditions have to be fulfilled. BLS has a policy of providing non-discriminatory access to its network and takes responsibility for the infrastructure-related tasks and issues connected with network access.

Sales of train path access

Our train path access sales team is supporting the Federal Office of Transport (FOT) with the ongoing development of the Swiss train path pricing system and is planning traffic volumes on the BLS rail network for up to five years in advance. The train path access sales team sells train paths in respect of contractually agreed periods, services and prices.

Conditions for network access

Authorisations for companies seeking access to the Swiss rail network are issued by the Federal Office of Transport. The criteria for approval are set down in the provisions of the Swiss Railways Act (RailA) and the Swiss Rail Network Access Ordinance (RailNAO) of 25 November 1998.

The main provisions in brief:

  • Any railway company that wishes to have network access must be based in Switzerland or in the European Union.
  • Network access for other foreign companies will be based on the relevant intergovernmental agreements.
  • The company must possess a concession or a licence for running trains in accordance with the Swiss Railways Act (RailA).
  • It must have a sound financial basis.
  • Insurance coverage must be in place for at least CHF 100 million per incident of damage or injury.
  • Qualified staff are vital for ensuring safe operations.
  • The rolling stock must conform with the statutory requirements for safe railway operations.
  • The operator must guarantee compliance with the safety regulations that govern the routes operated.


Sidings – the solution for the environmentally sound transport of goods

A substantial proportion of goods in Switzerland are transported by rail between privately owned sidings and port and container terminals. Companies with sidings make a major contribution to protecting the environment and relieving pressure on the road network.

Here you will find information on the contractual arrangements governing connecting with the rail infrastructure and on operational partnerships with BLS.

Our services

  • Information and advice on accessing the BLS network.
  • The additional services necessary for train path access, such as the stabling of rail vehicles, the allocation of marshalling facilities and the procurement of electricity.
  • The identification of international contacts in the field of rail infrastructure.

Other infrastructure operators in Europe

Contact Sales of train path access

Services for external rail-sector customers
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