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As well as benefiting from top-quality advice on a wide range of holidays around the world, you’ll also find a host of ideas for your leisure time.

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Lyss Today: 07:15–18:45

Bern, Genfergasse Today: 07:30–18:00

Huttwil Today: 07:00–18:30

Köniz Today: 07:00–19:00

Düdingen Today: 06:30–18:30

Schwarzenburg Today: 07:00–18:30

Willisau Today: 06:45–18:45

Frutigen Today: 07:15–18:15

Kandersteg Today: 07:00–18:00

Zweisimmen Today: 06:20–18:10

Ins Today: 07:00–18:30

Interlaken Today: 06:40–19:00

Langnau Today: 06:40–18:45

Zollikofen Today: 07:00–18:45

Gümligen Today: 06:45–19:00

Murten Today: 06:50–18:30

Seftigen Today: 06:30–19:00

Belp Today: 06:15–19:00

Bern, Bümpliz Today: 07:00–19:00

Bern, Weissenbühl Today: 09:00–12:30, 13:30–18:00

Hasle-Rüegsau Today: 06:50–18:45

Konolfingen Today: 06:45–18:45

Münsingen Today: 08:00–18:00

Schüpfheim Today: 08:20–11:45, 13:15–18:10

Spiez Today: 06:30–19:00

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