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Leisure travelcard

A GA travelcard for 20 or 30 freely selectable days over the year.

With the Leisure travelcard, you can travel without restriction by public transport anywhere in Switzerland. Simply climb on board, take your seat, and explore new or familiar areas of the country. There are a host of idyllic little towns, exciting adventures, unique landscapes, varied walks and attractive cultural facilities just waiting to be discovered.

30-day Leisure travelcard from CHF 40.00 per day

  • CHF 1200.00 Second class
  • CHF 2040.00 First class

20-day Leisure travelcard from CHF 45.00 per day

  • CHF 900.00 Second class
  • CHF 1520.00 First class

How it works

The Leisure travelcard is only available in combination with a Half-Fare travelcard and is loaded on to the SwissPass. After you have purchased it in the BLS Travel Centre or in the BLS online shop, you can activate the individual excursion days by visiting and then enjoy a virtually unlimited range of excursions effective immediately. You will need to redeem the various days within a year of purchase.

Sommerausflüge mit der BLS
Ideas for colourful spring outings

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