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Combining travel on different routes and in different zones with a modular travelcard.

Do you regularly travel between two fare networks or outside a fare network? If so, the modular travelcard is the right ticket for you. The modular travelcard allows you to combine zones and routes easily, flexibly and individually.

Modular travelcards for second class travel are available for children and young people from the age of 6 years up to their 25th birthday. Adults (from 25) can purchase a modular travelcard for either first or second class travel. Travelcards can be purchased for between one and 12 months. Modular travelcards for 12 months offer a price advantage, and young people can also benefit from attractive discounts up until their 25th birthday. If the route you wish to travel on is within a fare network, you may only use a regional travelcard – i.e. you may not use a modular travelcard. If you travel regularly on a specific route only, then a point-to-point travelcard is the ideal ticket for you.

Examples of possible combinations

Zone Frimobil: 10 (Freiburg)
Route: Freiburg–Bern
Zones Libero: 100/101 (Bern)

Route: Murten–Bern
Zone: 100/101 Libero (Bern)

Please note that after a certain distance of travel, it makes more sense to purchase a GA travelcard.


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