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Half-Fare travelcard

All of Switzerland for half the price

The Half-Fare travelcard allows you to travel on the BLS network and most other railways as well as ships, buses and trams at half price. The Half-Fare travelcard pays for itself in just a few trips.

  • CHF 185.00 Half-Fare travelcard at the normal rate
  • CHF 165.00 Half-Fare travelcard at the following year with automatic renewal
  • CHF 120.00 Half Fare travelcard Youth for under 25s Introductory price CHF 100.00 until 30 April 2020
  • CHF 100.00 Half-Fare travelcard Youth at the following year with automatic renewal
  • With your Half-Fare travelcard, you also benefit from attractive additional services and discounts
  • Teenagers aged 16–24.99 pay only CHF 120.00 instead of CHF 185.00. Until 30.04.2020 everyone benefits from the introductory price of CHF 100.00.
  • The Half-Fare travelcard for 16-year-olds has been integrated into the new Half-Fare Youth travelcard.
  • Documents required for your Half-Fare travelcard: For new customers, we require a coloured passport photo and an official ID card.

Supplementary offer: 1-month travelcard for the Half-Fare travelcard

Why not order a 1-month travelcard in addition to your Half-Fare travelcard? This will turn your Half-Fare travelcard into a GA travelcard for a month. The 1-month travelcard is available for the SwissPass or from the BLS web shop.
  • CHF 420.00 Second class
  • CHF 690.00 First class

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