Half Fare Travelcard PLUS

The new prepaid travelcard for adults and young people

Improve your everyday life with the new Half Fare Travelcard PLUS! Ideal for commuters working from home, students on campus or leisure enthusiasts. Discover the benefits for every journey – whether for your weekly commute, during your studies or for regular excursions.

The Half Fare Travelcard PLUS makes your travel efficient and affordable.  


  • Free Bonus:

    Once the amount you have paid in has been used up, you benefit from a bonus of up to CHF 900.00 (children and young people up to CHF 1,475.00).

  • Money-back guarantee:

    At the end of the therm, any remaining balance of the amount paid in will be refunded to you. The bonus is forfeited.


Adults     Price   Bonus

Half Fare Travelcard PLUS 1000   800.00   200.00
Half Fare Travelcard PLUS 2000 1500.00   500.00
Half Fare Travelcard PLUS 3000 2100.00   900.00

Under 25 years old      Price    Bonus

Youth 1000  600.00 400.00
Youth 2000 1125.00 875.00
Youth 3000 1575.00 1425.00

The Half Fare Travelcard is not part of the Half Fare Travelcard PLUS and has to be purchased separately.

When does it pay to take a Half-Fare PLUS?

There is no risk with the Half Fare Travelcard PLUS. If you travel less than you have paid in, the remaining amount will be refunded to you. If your journeys exceed the amount paid in, you benefit from the bonus and even travel for free. To calculate whether and which Half Fare PLUS package is worthwhile for you, consider the following:  

  • Which routes do I travel and how often?
  • In which class am I travelling?
  • How much does the journey cost (there and back)?
  • Do I already have a Half Fare Travelcard or another travelcard? To make the Half Fare Travelcard PLUS even more worthwhile, buy or renew your Half Fare Travelcard. It is not part of the Half Fare Travelcard PLUS.

Calculation example:

Thun–Brig return, 2nd class with Half Fare Travelcard: CHF 44.00 x 1.5 times a week x 30 weeks =  CHF 1,980.00


  • Half Fare Tavelcard extension: CHF 170.00
  • Purchase Half Fare Travelcard PLUS 2000 for CHF 1,500.00
  • You save CHF 310.00

Range of tickets

With the Half Fare Travelcard PLUS, you can buy digital, personalised single tickets for travel in 1st or 2nd class on BLS trains, most other railways and on many forms of public transport in Switzerland:

  • (Supersaver) tickets
  • (Saver) Day Passes
  • (Supersaver) Class Upgrades
  • Tickets and Day Pass for dogs and bicycles
  • Seat reservations

Excluded are:

  • travelcards
  • multi-trip tickets
  • Municipal (Saver) Day Pass
  • Junior Travelcard / Children's Co-Travelcard.
  • international tickets and reservations including the border belt

The Half Fare Travelcard PLUS is personal and non-transferable. You cannot use it to buy a ticket for a person travelling with you.

Where to buy

The Half Fare Travelcard is available at your BLS Travel Centre or at a staffed public transport ticket office. Please bring your SwissPass (if available), a recent analogue/digital passport photo and your passport or ID card.

The Half Fare Travelcard PLUS can currently only be used via SBB's digital channels. This means that you can only buy your tickets in the SBB web shop, the SBB Mobile app or EasyRide using the credit you have paid in. In future, the new travelcard will also be available via the BLS Mobile app. 

Automatic renewal

When you purchase your Half Fare Travelcard PLUS, you are entering into a contract for an indefinite period, which means that your travelcard is automatically renewed. Two months before the travelcard is due to expire, you’ll receive a reminder informing you of the latest possible cancellation date.

You can subscribe to an additional cancellation reminder by e-mail or text message via

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What is the Half Fare Travelcard PLUS?

The Half Fare Travelcard PLUS is a prepaid travelcard. An account for public transport, so to speak. It is available in 3 different options. Each of these packages consists of two parts: the amount (customer deposit) that you pay in and the corresponding free vouchers. Together they make up your credit balance. You can use this credit balance to pay for your personal single tickets in digital channels for a maximum of one year.      

Which tickets can I buy?

The Half Fare Travelcard PLUS can be used for personal single tickets and day passes for national direct transport and fare networks (including Sparwelt). This applies to 1st and 2nd class. You are not permitted to purchase tickets for other travellers.  

How does the bonus work?

If the credit is used as a means of payment, the tickets are first paid for out of the customer deposit. Once the customer deposit amount has been used up, the bonus phase begins. From this point onwards, the tickets are paid for from the bonus portion. The bonus phase ends either after one year (on the last day of validity of the package), after the credit has been used up in full before the last day of validity of the package (customer deposit and bonus portion) or after cancellation.  

If you use your credit to pay for tickets, the amount will first be deducted from your customer deposit. Once this amount has been used up, the tickets are paid for out of the additional bonus portion.

The bonus phase ends either:

  • after one year, but at the latest on the last day of the validity of the package;
  • if the credit balance, including the customer deposit and the bonus portion, is completely used up before the last day of validity of the package;
  • by cancellation.

Credit not used within 1 year?

The credit on your selected package expires either after it has been used in full or at the latest one year after the first day of validity (i.e. after a full subscription year) or if you cancel the contract.

If part of the customer deposit remains at the end of the subscription year, this amount will be refunded to your bank or postal account. This amount will not be offset against the new period of validity of the subscription.

The (remaining) bonus expires automatically after one year. There is no entitlement to a pay-out or crediting against other or new offers.

Do I need a Half Fare travelcard?

It is not essential to have a Half Fare Travelcard to purchase a Half Fare Travelcard PLUS. However, using the Half Fare Travelcard PLUS without a Half Fare Travelcard is not recommended from a cost perspective. The Half Fare Travelcard is not part of the Half Fare Travelcard PLUS and must be purchased separately.  

Can I have my credit blocked?

Yes, this is possible. You can arrange for your Half Fare Travelcard PLUS credit to be cancelled as follows:

  • online through the platform
  • in person at a public transport point of sale
  • by calling the SBB Contact Centre at 0848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08/min.) daily around the clock

Can I buy P+Rail offers?

The Half Fare Travelcard PLUS is a credit for the purchase of single tickets and not a travelcard. Therefore, it cannot be used to purchase an annual/monthly travelcard for P+Rail. It also cannot be used to pay for day passes for P+Rail.  


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