Companion Travelcard

Free travel for a companion and/or an assistance dog for travellers with a disability

The Companion Travelcard entitles people with a disability to take a companion and/or a guide dog or assistance dog with them on public transport free of charge. To benefit from the advantages of the Companion Travelcard, you must complete an application form and show a medical certificate. The ID card will then be loaded onto the Swisspass. Renewal is not necessary.

Free takeaway

  • for one companion and/or guide dog or assistance dog


  • You are dependent on a wheelchair, have difficulty walking, are blind, sight-impaired or mentally disabled.

  • You need a companion to use public transport.

  • You are resident in Switzerland.

  • You can submit the relevant medical certificate.

  • You must meet all the criteria.

Conditions & scope of application

Possible uses in Switzerland

With the Companion Travelcard, you have two options for travel:

  1. If the person with a disability has both a Companion Travelcard and a valid ticket (e.g. journey ticket, 1-day travel card, GA travelcard or half-fare travel card), the companion can travel with them for free.
  2. If the companion has a valid ticket (e.g. journey ticket, 1-day travel card, GA travelcard or half-fare travel card), the person with a disability, who has the Companion Travelcard, can travel together with the companion for free.

The person with a disability shows the train staff the Companion Travelcard on the Swisspass and a valid ticket. They can either present their own ticket or that of the companion.

Conditions for the companion

  • It is important that the companion is able to offer you support along the entire route.

  • The companion accompanies you throughout the entire trip in the same wagon and in the same class.

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