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Point-to-point travelcards

The point-to-point travelcard is the optimal solution for people who travel regularly on the same route.

Point-to-point travelcards are available on the SwissPass and in the BLS web shop.

  • The point-to-point travelcard is available for children and young people from the age of 6 years up to their 25th birthday, and for adults.
  • Travelcards can be purchased for seven days, one month or one year. Annual point-to-point travelcards offer a price advantage (you travel for 12 months but only pay for 9).
  • Point-to-point travelcards are available for both first and second class travel.

If the route you wish to travel on is located within a fare network, you will receive a regional travelcard rather than a point-to-point travelcard.

Please note that after a certain distance of travel, it makes more sense to purchase a GA travelcard.


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