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Junior travelcard and Children’s Co-travelcard

Travelling with children

Junior travelcard

The annual pass for one child accompanied by one parent.

The Junior travelcard allows your child (aged 6-15.99) to travel with you for one year on public transport systems in Switzerland.

  • CHF 30.00 Junior travelcard Valid for one year
  • Each child needs its own Junior Card and a personal SwissPass onto which the Junior Card is loaded.
  • If you purchase a Junior travelcard for more than two of your children, you will receive a free Junior travelcard for your third child and for each child after that.
  • When you purchase Junior travelcards, you will need to provide a passport or another form of official identification for both parents and each child.
  • If you and your child have different last names, please bring a family identity booklet with you when you purchase a Junior travelcard.
  • The Junior travelcard is valid anywhere within the Half-Fare travelcard area.*

The Junior travelcard is available at any BLS Travel Center or at any staffed railroad counter.

Children's Co-travelcard

The annual pass for one child accompanied by an adult.

  • CHF 30.00 Children’s Co-travelcard Valid for one year

The Children's Co-travelcard differs from the Junior travelcard in the following ways:

  • Children can be accompanied by anyone (e.g. grandparents, aunts and uncles, godparents, neighbours, acquaintances, friends of the family etc.).
  • A separate travelcard is needed for every combination of child and accompanying Person.
  • There is no discount if 3 or more Children’s Co-travelcards are purchased simultaneously.

The Chldren's Co-travelcard is available at any BLS Travel Center or at any staffed railroad counter.

1-day travelpass for children

The 1-day travelpass for one child with or without an accompanying adult.

The 1-day travelpass for children is the perfect solution if you’re planning to travel for a day with your godchild, neighbour’s child or the child of an acquaintance or friend.

  • CHF 33.00 1-day travelpass for children First class
  • CHF 19.00 1-day travelpass for children Second class
  • Buy a 1-day travelpass for children for every child aged from 6 to 15.
  • Every child who accompanies you must have their own 1-day travelpass for children.
  • The 1-day travelpass for children can now also be purchased by children travelling alone.  

The 1-day travelpass for children is available online as well as at any BLS Travel Center or at any staffed railroad counter


* area of validity:


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