Frimobil travelcard

Your travelcard for public transport in the canton of Fribourg

If you regularly travel in the canton of Fribourg, a Frimobil travelcard is the right choice. Travel to work and in your spare time in comfort with an annual, monthly, weekly or flexi Frimobil travelcard. The Frimobil region is divided into zones. You determine which zones are included in your travelcard.


  • Travel every day as much as you want in the purchased zones 

  • Flexi travelcard for 100 days. You choose which days 

  • Buy or renew your travelcard conveniently in the BLS Mobil app or in the webshop 

  • Discount for young people and senior citizens 

  • Annual season ticket: Pay for 9 months, travel for 12 months 


Buy your Frimobil travelcard

Your Frimobil travelcard is added directly onto your SwissPass. Buy or renew your annual, monthly or flexi Frimobil travelcard quickly and conveniently in the BLS Mobil app or in the webshop. You can get the weekend travelcard from your BLS travel centre. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to purchase them at a ticket machine.



The price of your travelcard depends on the number of zones you travel in from your starting point to your destination.

Frimobil weekly travelcard from CHF 27.00 per week

Frimobil weekly travelcard prices (CHF)

  Adults Children
Zones 2. Kl. 1. Kl. 2. Kl.
1 36.00 60.00 27.00
2 41.00 68.00 31.00
3 59.00 98.00 45.00
4 78.00 129.00 59.00
5 98.00 162.00 74.00
6 116.00 192.00 87.00
7+ 135.00 223.00 102.00

Frimobil monthly season ticket from CHF 54.00 per month

Frimobil monthly season ticket prices (CHF)






2. Kl.

1. Kl.

2. Kl.

2. Kl.

 1 71.00  118.00  54.00  57.00 
 2 81.00  134.00  61.00  65.00 
 3 118.00  195.00  89.00  95.00 
 4 156.00  258.00  117.00  125.00 
 5 195.00  322.00  147.00  156.00 
 6 232.00  383.00  174.00  186.00 
 7+ 270.00  446.00  203.00  216.00 

Frimobil annual season ticket from CHF 486.00 per year

Frimobil annual season ticket prices (CHF)



Children / Youth



2nd cl.

1st cl.

2nd cl.

2nd cl.

 1 639.00 1062.00 486.00 513.00
 2 729.00 1206.00 549.00 585.00
 3 1062.00 1755.00 801.00 855.00
 4 1404.00 2322.00 1053.00 1125.00
 5 1755.00 2898.00 1323.00 1404.00
 6 2088.00 3447.00 1566.00 1674.00
 7+ 2430.00 4014.00 1827.00 1944.00

Frimobil flexi travelcard from CHF 250.00 per year

The flexi travelcard adapts to your needs. With the flexi travelcard you can travel for 100 days throughout the year, which is the equivalent of two to three days per week. You can activate these days yourself via your SwissPass account, right up until the day in question.


Frimobil flexi travelcard price list for 100 days in CHF

  Adults Children
Zones 2nd cl. 1st cl. 2nd cl.
1 328.00 545.00 250.00
2 374.00 619.00 282.00
3 545.00 900.00 411.00
4 720.00 1191.00 540.00
5 900.00 1487.00 679.00
6 1071.00 1768.00 804.00
7+ 1247.00 2059.00 937.00

Frimobil monthly season ticket + PubliBike from CHF 59.00 per month

The offer is available for second class in the categories youth, adults and seniors.
The price depends on the number of Frimobil zones selected. To use PubliBike, the customer must activate the SwissPass in his account via the PubliBike website.
The PubliBike subscription must be activated on the PubliBike website or the PubliBike app using the promo code received at the time of purchase.

Price list monthly subscription Frimobil + PubliBike in CHF (until 14 december 2024)

  Adultes Seniors Youth
 2nd cl. 2nd cl. 2nd cl.
1 76.00 62.00 59.00
2 86.00 70.00 66.00
3 123.00 100.00 94.00
4 161.00 130.00 122.00
5 200.00 161.00 152.00
6 237.00 171.00 179.00
7+ 275.00 221.00 208.00


Services with a surcharge:

PubliCar from PostBus, the on-demand bus system in less frequented regions, is an integral part of Frimobil. However, a surcharge of CHF 5.00 must be paid to the bus driver in addition to a valid ticket.


The zone system applies to the whole Frimobil transport network. On the zone plan, you can see how many adjoining zones you have to purchase from the starting point to the destination. Your ticket is valid for all public transport in the purchased zones and during the period of validity.


Connecting tickets for trips outside the purchased zones

Simply buy a ticket (zone connecting ticket) for the number of missing zones. 

Do you want to travel beyond the borders of the regional network?

Your regional network travelcard is valid up until the last scheduled stop in the purchased zones. In this case, buy a ticket from the last stop of the selected means of transport within the zones included in your travelcard / ticket. Regional network tickets are not valid on trains that do not stop within these zones.


FAQ – frequently asked questions

What payment options are there online?

Currently, you can pay for your Frimobil travelcard with the following means of payment in the webshop and in the BLS app:

  • Twint
  • Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)
  • PostFinance
  • Reka
  • Apple Pay (BLS app only) 
  • Invoice (CembraPay billing) (webshop only)


What is the BLS Mobil app?

The BLS Mobil app is not just an online timetable; no, you can also easily use it to buy travelcards, single tickets, multi-trip tickets, supersaver tickets and saver day passes.

I don’t have a SwissPass yet. What can I do?

SwissPass – one card for everything

As soon as you buy a half-fare or other type of travelcard, you will automatically be given a SwissPass card. You just need a valid ID card (or another official identity document) and a current passport photo. As a first-time purchaser, you can also now purchase your travelcard in the BLS webshop and confirm your identity online in just a few minutes directly at a ticket office.



Will my travelcard be automatically renewed?

No, the Frimobil travelcard will not be automatically renewed. You can renew it manually in the BLS webshop, in the BLS Mobil app, at a ticket machine or at a ticket office.

How can I cancel my Frimobil travelcard?

You can cancel your Frimobil travelcard early at a ticket office.
The Frimobil travelcard is not automatically renewed, so if you don’t want to renew it, you don’t need to do anything.

Can I deposit/interrupt my Frimobil travelcard?

No, it is not possible to depsit a regional travelcard.

Is a regional travelcard cheaper with the half-fare travelcard?

No, you cannot combine a regional travelcard with a half-fare travelcard. 

Can I combine a regional and point-to-point travelcard?

Do you regularly commute between fare networks or outside a fare network and want to use local transport? We recommend a modular travelcard.

Is my Frimobil travelcard also valid for the night network?

Yes. Your Frimobil travelcard is also valid on Moonliner lines. A night surcharge is no longer required.

You can find more information about the fare conditions of Swiss transport companies here:

Also available in the Frimobil regional network

If you only travel occasionally on public transport, you can, of course, also buy single tickets, multi-trip tickets and 1-day travelcards in the Frimobil region. 

Single tickets – more than just a one-way ticket

In the purchased Frimobil zones, you can take any number of trips on the train and bus up until the ticket expires.

1-day travelcard – free travel the whole day long

Wherever you want to go, as often as you like. There is a 1-day travelcard for every combination of zones required.



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