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The Kulturweg between Ausserberg and Raron

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The “Kulturweg” – or “Culture Trail” – is the name of the ancient path between Ausserberg and Raron. This link route is of cultural and historical significance. In earlier centuries, before the valley had been drained and the River Rotten had been dammed, this was the only navigable path along the Rhone Valley.

The Kulturweg has been preserved as a natural path to this day and is an extremely popular hiking trail for families and nature-lovers, those interested in history and those who appreciate the poet Rilke. It’s also ideal for wine aficionados and anyone who wants to learn more about the canton of Valais. The trail is accessible all year round except in the most severe winter conditions. It is part of the main hiking trail network of Switzerland and passes through a highly varied natural, cultural and sacred landscape.


From Ausserberg Railway Station, the path heads west, past the place known as “Chalchofu”, towards St. German. Between St. German and Raron, the path is wider and easier to follow, as the many sun-loving walkers who use it can testify. After approximately one hour, the path reaches the cliff-top church of St. Roman in the village of Raron, where a museum and the grave of the poet Rainer Maria Rilke can be found.

Key data

Walking route Ausserberg–Raron 
Distance   4,6 km
Walking times approx. 1 hour 30 minutes
Level of difficulty easy

Schnitzeljagd Finding-Daniel

Die interaktive Tour «Finding-Daniel» ist eine unterhaltsame Schnitzeljagd mit Rätseln und Hintergrundwissen. Holen Sie sich die Tourenkarte direkt aufs Handy per QR-Code und los geht das Abenteuer entlang des Kulturweges von Ausserberg nach Raron.

BLS suggestion


The valley plane has two children’s playgrounds to explore. The playground in the village of Raron can be found at the intersection between Bietschgärtenstrasse and Stadelmattenstrasse. As well as standard park equipment such as swings, a spring rocker, climbing frame, slide, sand pit and a rope ladder, there are also plenty of benches and picnic tables.

The playground at the SBB station in Turtig had to be relocated due to the construction of a motorway. In the meantime, a new site has been found with the help of the Canton: on Rundeyaweg to the east of the Raplast building.

There is also a playground on Schulhausplatz in the village of St. German. The facilities are very similar to those in Raron, but also include a basketball court and football pitch.

Raron Detective Trail

Fancy a treasure hunt? A challenging experience for families, groups, couples, schools or a company team building day? The Detective Trails are a series of puzzles that take you through local towns and sights with the aid of an app or printable treasure map. Everyone who takes part gets to learn a wealth of interesting and surprising facts about the places they visit along the way. And at the end, there’ll be a little prize waiting for you.

Knight’s Way to Gestelnburg

The illuminated Ice Age cave on the Knight’s Way to Gestelnburg is sure to set children’s pulses racing and fuel their imaginations. See for yourself. The “Knight's Way to the Gestelnburg Ruin” audio tour is the perfect accompaniment to your journey along the Knight’s Way to Gestelnburg.

Availability Today (Saturday) open

The trail is accessible all year round.

In extremely stormy conditions, you can check the condition of the Kulturweg path at the Lötschberg Region Tourist Office at the railway station in Raron.

Subject to change without prior notice


The Kulturweg is accessible free of charge.

Food & drink

  • There are no barbecue facilities available, but in all of the villages en route (Ausserberg, St. German and Raron) there are good options for dining in restaurants.
  • Beautiful playground with picnic facilities in St. German below the school.
  • A large selection of wines from the region
    • Franz Salzgeber & Söhne, 3942 St. German, +41 27 934 34 10
    • Germanus Familie Edgar Schmid, 3942 St. German, +41 27 934 11 85
    • Rilkeweine Alfred Kalbermatter, 3942 Niedergesteln-Raron, +41 27 934 26 48


  • Good footwear is recommended.
  • Guided walks along the Kulturweg are also possible.  
  • Souvenirs: The DVD “Der Kulturweg – Momentaufnahmen und Impressionen am Kulturweg und einiges mehr” (“The Kulturweg – snapshots and impressions along the Kulturweg and more besides”) can be purchased from the Lötschberg-Region tourist office in Raron for CHF 20.00.

How to get there

Travel comfortably with the RegioExpress Lötschberger to Ausserberg. 

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