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Classic walk along the Lötschberger southern approach

This walking trail leads along the more than 100-year-old Lötschberg mountain line from Hohtenn via Ausserberg, Eggerberg and Lalden to Brig.

The route continues to fascinate walkers of all ages. On this walk, you will encounter both Alpine and southern vegetation, as well as plenty of beautiful views into the Rhone Valley. Along the way, you will see not only typical old Valais houses, but also feats of early-twentieth-century railway engineering – such as the Luogelkin Viaduct between Hohtenn and Ausserberg.


In Bietschtal, the walking trail follows the embankment of the old construction railway. En route you will also see the impressive irrigation channels (Suonen) that wend their way along the steep, craggy slopes for many kilometres and serve as testimony to the courage and skill of their creators.

The trail offers numerous opportunities for detours down into the valley or up towards the more elevated Alps.

You can walk the 26-kilometre length of the Lötschberger southern approach either as a whole or in stages. The starting points are the stations at Hohtenn, Ausserberg, Eggerberg, Lalden, Dorf and Brig. Most walkers tackle the southern approach heading towards Brig, though it is equally charming when walked in the opposite direction.

More southern approach than ever before, thanks to the Lalden–Naters–Brig section

The Lötschberger southern approach was extended from Lalden via Naters to Brig in 2013, as part of the 100-year anniversary of the Lötschberg train line. Among other things, the new section leads across traditionally erected natural stone steps and along the Driestneri Suone.

In 2014, the new section won the special Prix Rando award, in recognition of the natural surface used to complete the route extension. BLS and the municipalities of Naters and Brig-Glis are very pleased to be recognised in this way.

Basic information

 Start Hohtenn Railway Station
 Finish Brig Railway Station
 Distance approx. 26 km
 Duration 8 hours 20 minutes (Hohtenn–Brig)
 Difficulty level light


Between Rarnerchumma and Riedgarto via the BLS railway bridge (time saving 35 min.).

Availability Today (Wednesday) open

The Lötschberg south ramp is accessible all year round.

Partial closure

The hiking trail is closed on the section between Hohtenn and Ausserberg due to icefall and avalanche danger. It is possible to descend from "Rarnerchumma" to Raron and hike back up to the Lötschberger hiking trail at St.German (diversions approx. 1.5 hours longer). The rest of the Lötschberger hiking trail from Ausserberg to Naters will not be closed, but wintry conditions must be expected depending on the weather.

Subject to change without notice.


Sie finden Entlang der Strecke verschiedene Verpflegungsmöglichkeiten. Es gibt mehrere Feuerstellen und Picknickplätze. Wer lieber im Restaurant ein feines Zmittag geniesst findet hier einige Tipps.


Guided railway walk

A guided railway walk from Hohtenn to Ausserberg takes place several times a year.


The starting points are the stations at Hohtenn, Ausserberg, Eggerberg, Lalden, Dorf and Brig.

Construction site notice

Renovation of the Lötschberg summit tunnel from December to the end of 2023. This has an impact on the timetable.

Please note the current timetable.

Weather & webcam Today: sunny -8/1°

Today sunny -8/1°
Tomorrow snow flakes -3/0°
Friday fair weather -7/-2°
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