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Ausserberg–Mund Suonen trail

Walking along historic waterways

Valais is one of Switzerland’s driest regions. This is why in times gone by, people invented ingenious irrigation systems – to this day, 3,000 of these so-called “Suonen” remain, measuring some 2,000 kilometres in total length. Part of the Ausserberg–Mund trail leads along these historic waterways.

Travel comfortably by train from Bern directly to Ausserberg. The post bus travels every hour from Mund village to Brig.

Hiking trail

From Ausserberg station, the route leads up in the direction of Niwäch hamlet. The Niwäch “Suone”, a type of historic irrigation system, flows above the hamlet. The path leads alongside the Suone to the hamlet of Choruderri. Anyone with a torch can follow the route through the 1.7-kilometre-long Niwäch tunnel. Those with a head for heights and who like a thrill can follow the path further along the restored wooden channels of the historic Niwäch Suone.

Turn off before the hamlet of Ze Steinu and follow the path down to the valley, crossing the Baltschiederbach stream a little further down. This side of the valley along the Gorperi Suone is less exposed. The exposed sections are bypassed via short tunnels. The prized spice saffron has been cultivated here since the 14th century. From Mund, the postbus will take you back to Brig.

Key figures

Walking route Ausserberg–Mund
Distance 16,4 km
Walking times ca. 5 hours
Elevation difference + 764 m / - 509 m
Level of difficulty medium to difficult

The path along the Suonen requires a certain sure-footedness and head for heights, as the ground is very steep and the path very narrow.

Special notes

  • Instead of in Mund, the walk can already be concluded in Eggerberg. Walking time for this alternative route: 3 h 30 min. From Eggerberg, the RegioExpress takes passengers to Bern and Brig at hourly intervals.
  • The trail is quite exposed in parts, and is therefore only recommended for walkers who are sure-footed and have a head for heights. Not suitable with children. Sturdy shoes are essential.
  • Our tip: classic walk along the Lötschberger southern approach


Depending on the weather, the Suonen trail can be accessed from spring until autumn.

Subject to change without prior notice

BLS tips

The saffron village of Mund

Did you know that Mund is the only place in Switzerland where the valuable spice saffron is still cultivated?
Saffron grows in an area covering around 18,000 square metres on the sunny plateau. Up to 3,000 flowers are harvested by hand every day during the season in October and November. This and additional information relating to Mund’s saffron can be discovered during a visit to the Saffron Museum and on the exciting Saffron discovery path.
You can find further information here.

Food & drink

There are no catering facilities on the way. In Ausserberg at the Fischerbiel organic farm you can buy food for the road.


Travel relaxed by train to Ausserberg. The post bus travels every hour from Mund village to Brig.

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