Saver Day Pass

Book early, benefit more

Travel around Switzerland all day long on public transport from CHF 29.00*

Early birds are rewarded – those who book the earliest benefit the most. Travel around Switzerland all day long on public transport from CHF 29.00* – by train, bus or boat. It is valid throughout the GA area of validity. The Saver Day Pass is available on the BLS Mobil app and the BLS Webshop. It can be purchased from 60 days up to one day before the date of travel. Passengers without a Half-Fare travelcard can also benefit from a price reduction. You can find Saver Day Passes for first and second class.

*Price with second class Half-Fare travel card. The earlier you book, the more you benefit. No refunds or exchanges.

An overview of the Saver Day Pass

The benefits to you:

  • The Saver Day Pass is valid all day (until 05.00 hours the following day) throughout the entire GA travelcard area 
  • You can conveniently buy it at any time from the BLS web shop or via the BLS Mobil app
  • You do not need a Half-Fare travelcard to benefit from the Saver Day Pass
  • Saver Day Passes are available for first and second class, with and without a Half-Fare travelcard
  • The Junior travelcard and Children’s Co-travelcard are valid
  • The Saver Day Passes are available in batches and can be purchased at the earliest 6 months in advance and up to one day before travelling. It is no longer possible to purchase a Saver Day Pass on the day of travel.

More information

The following conditions additionally apply:

  • Various pricing levels and batches are available. The following fundamentally applies: the earlier you buy, the cheaper you travel
  • Daily class upgrades and route-specific class upgrades are valid
  • Saver Day Passes cannot be refunded or exchanged. A refund with a 10-franc personal excess is available from your Travel Centre in the following exceptional situations:
  • You purchased several identical Saver Day Passes
  • You purchased a ticket for the wrong customer group
  • You are unable to travel (illness, accident). Only with doctor’s note
  • E-tickets with obviously wrong personal details
  • Tickets with the wrong date: a refund is only available before the travel date of the Saver Day Pass. You must have proof of purchasing a new ticket
  • Refund in the event of subsequently purchasing personal travelcards (no excess)
  • Death (refund with excess)

Buy your Saver Day Pass with the BLS Mobil app

  1. Download the BLS Mobil app in the store and sign up.
  2. In the navigation menu, click on “More” and select the “Buy Saver Day Pass” area.
  3. All available Saver Day Passes can be seen in the calendar view. By clicking on a date, you can see all available Saver Day Passes for your selected day. Simply select the Saver Day Pass you want.
  4. Confirm your purchase. Your ticket is now visible under “My tickets”.
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