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Bold e-bike tours from Willisau

Four day trips to choose from

Willisau is located in the heart of the Napfbergland and is the ideal starting point for your electric bike excursion. You can either ride one of the stages of the Napf Heart Loop from Willisau to Langnau or Entlebuch, or you can choose the classic ride and follow the Heart Route from Willisau to Zug (Hünenberg) or Burgdorf. The Heart Loop stage from Willisau to Langnau takes you through a breath-taking pre-Alpine landscape.

Travel comfortably by train to Willisau. Then a short walk of approx. 7 minutes. Follow the signs to Rent a Bike, Steinmatt 1.

Herzroute Stage: 6: Willisau–Burgdorf

The 63-kilometer route is a classic and is considered to be Switzerland’s most popular E-Bike tour. During the tour one enjoys the views from the fascinating Emmental highlands up to the Jura and as far as the Alps. The bicycle garden in the Bären Inn (Gasthof Bären) in Madiswil is legendary. It is the ideal stop for a short repast. The ride continues via Zeil and ends in Willisau.

Key figures

 Route: Willisau–Zell–Madiswil–Affoltern–Lützelflüh–Burgdorf
 Distance: 63 km, of which 10.5 on natural paths
 Elevation difference: 1210 m, regular ascents and descents
 Ride time: max. 4 hours
 Signposting: regional signposting, Herzroute (No. 99)
 Intensity: medium (electric bike)

Herzroute Stage: 7: Willisau–Zug

The 72-kilometer tour leads past Lake Sempach up to Lake Zug. It takes you through the three historic towns of Willisau, Sempach and Zug. The gently rolling hills are ideal for a relaxed E-bike tour: Special highlights are the chapels along the way, and the ride over the Ruswil Mountain, which offers a magnificent view of the Alps and the lakes.

Key figures

 Route: Willisau–Neuenkirch–Sempach–Eschenbach–Cham–Hünenberg-Zug
 Distance: 72 km
 Elevation difference: 1050 m
 Ride time: 5 hours
 Signposting: regional signposting, Herzroute (No. 99)
 Intensity: medium (electric bike)

Napf Heart Loop: Willisau–Langnau i. E.

The journey Willisau–Langnau is a stunning ride at the Alpine foothills. Alternating between the sombre fissures of the Napf and the lovely pastures of Emmental and Oberaargau.

Key figures

 Route: Willisau–Eriswil–Wyssachen–Sumiswald–Lüderenalp–Langnau i. E.
 Distance: 58 km
 Elevation difference: 1,500m
 Ride time: 5 hours
 Signposting: regional signposting, Herzschlaufe (No. 399)
 Intensity: medium (electric bike)

Napf Heart Loop: Willisau–Entlebuch

The journey Entlebuch–Willisau is a wonderfully wild rodeo tour through the untamed hills and the craggy ditches of the Napf area.

Key figures

 Route: Willisau - Hergiswil b. W .- Luthern - Menzberg - Holzwege-Romoss - Doppleschwand - Entlebuch
 Distance: 54 km
 Elevation difference: 1,600m
 Ride time: 6 hours
 Signposting: regional signposting, Herzschlaufe (No. 399)
 Intensity: medium (electric bike)

E-Bike Rental

Travel conveniently by train to your excursion destination, collect your bike directly from the station and start your bike tour (Willisau rental station: approx. 7 minutes' walk from the station. Follow the signs to Rent a Bike, Steinmatt 1).

  • Book your rental bike online or by calling the relevant bike rental location.
  • Payments are made directly to the bike rental location on the day of hire.
  • The trip by e-bike is available to those aged 16 and over (or 14 and over with a moped permit).
  • CHF 5.00 reduction on the complete e-bike booking with a half fare or GA card. 

Price example e-bike rental 1 day (A-B)

  • CHF 70.00 Adults
  • CHF 65.00 GA / Half-fare / STS
  • CHF 65.00 Children up to 15.99 years

Return to a different station

Bikes and E-bikes can be returned to a different station. In this case a repatriation fee of CHF 10.00 per bike will be charged.

Groups and schools

  • Groups:
    The group discount of 20% on everything (including return fees) is available for bookings of at least ten rental items. Reductions with GA/half fare are no longer possible.
  • Schools:
    The school discount of 30% on the category bike/MTB-V-Brake (price category 1), the accessories and the return fee is available for bookings of school classes accompanied by a teacher with at least ten rental items.

Rental stations

Opening times, bike station (electric bike collection)

Willisau Mon–Sun  09.00–12.00 Uhr / 13.30–18.00 Uhr 

Opening times, bike stations (electric bike return)

Burgdorf Mon–Sun 09.00–18.00 hours 
Zug / Hünenberg Mon–Sun 09.00–11.00 hours / 16.00–18.00 hours
Langnau Mon–Fri 09.00–18.00 hours

Sat–Sun  09.00–12.00 hours / 13.00–18.00 hours
Entlebuch Mon/Tue/Thu–Sun  08.00–11.00 hours / 16.30–18.00 hours
  Wed  Appointment by phone: 041 480 12 27


Subject to change without prior notice


You must reserve your electric bikes before purchasing the offer

People aged 16 and above are allowed to ride electric bikes (or people aged 14 and above with a moped licence)

Heart Route for groups

The stages of the Heart Route are also available for groups. Find out about the various offers online and reserve your e-bikes or bicycles in good time.


  • Emmental Show Dairy
  • The Town of Willisau
  • Willisau Ringli Biscuit Store
  • Willisau Distillery

How to get there

Travel comfortably by train to Willisau. Then a short walk of approx. 7 minutes. Follow the signs to Rent a Bike, Steinmatt 1.


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