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Herzschlaufe Langnau

An ode to the Emmental: versatile, far-reaching and extremely rich.

The new e-bike circular tour Herzschlaufe with the No. 499 leads from Langnau to the Blapbach, then after a fantastic descent down to Eggiwil and immediately uphill again: first over beautiful serpentines to the Chapf, then from Linden over steep ramps to the "Güggel". Later the route passes the castles of Hünigen, Ursellen and Schlosswil before disappearing via Möschberg into little-known altitudes. Only in Signau does one come to one's senses again and enjoy the gondola ride back to Langnau.

Fresh country air fills the lungs, and cycling is once again a poem. It is not without reason that this area is called "Hügu Himu".

Langnau i.E., the starting point of the e-bike tour, is easily reached by public transport. The Rent a Bike station is situated right next to the train station.

Tour description

Langnau–Linden–Signau–Langnau route

Distance: 68 km
Journey approx. 4 hours 30 minutes
Signalisation: Veloland No. 499

Bikes and e-bikes must be reserved

The trip by e-bike is available to those aged 16 and over (or 14 and over with a moped permit).

Opening times Today (Saturday) open

1 April to 31 October

Opening hours travel center Langnau (Flyer e-bikes and bicycles)

Reservation and information

Mon–Fri   06.40–18.45 hours
Sat           07.40–16.40 hours
Sun          07.40–12.00 hours / 13.00–16.40 hours 

Bike station (issuing and return)

Mon–Fri   09.00–18.00 hours
Sat/Sun     09.00–12.00 hours / 13.00-18.00 hours

Subject to change without prior notice

E-Bike and bike rental

Rental prices, Flyer e-bikes and bicycles

  • CHF 60.00 FLYER e-bike 1 day
  • CHF 35.00 Bicycles 1 day

Point of collection and return at BLS Travel Centre Langnau
Cycle helmets can be rented from CHF 5.00.


GA and Half-Fare travelcards: CHF 5.00 off from rental Price

Prices in CHF incl. VAT / Prices and products subject to alteration


Online reservation at Rent a Bike

BLS suggestion

“Hügu Himu”: the e-bike paradise of Emmental

Where else in the world are there such heavenly hills? Emmental will spoil you with its host of cycle routes, country inns, sights and secluded spots to linger in. The “Hügu Himu” is named for its heavenly hills and offers some of the most beautiful e-bike tours in Switzerland with over 600 kilometres of very well-signposted routes. An overview of bookable offers and multi-day tips presents particularly attractive combinations of landscape, e-bike experience and accommodation.

How to get there

With direct public transport connections from Bern, Burgdorf and Lucerne, you can travel to Langnau im Emmental to reach the starting point of the Herzschlaufe Gotthelf (circular tour) in comfort.
The Rent a Bike station is situated right next to the train station.

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