Cross-country skiing in Kandersteg

From the short, easy trail to the challenging panoramic trail, every visitor will find the right route for them.

Kandersteg is one of the best-known destinations in the Bernese Oberland when it comes to Nordic skiing, and offers a network of trails that is as diverse as it is exciting: from flat, broad valley bottoms through to the high-altitude trail at around 2,000 metres above sea-level, there are 53 kilometres of classic trails and 50 kilometres of skating trails to be explored. Whizzing through the snow-decked forest, past the banks of the burbling River Kander, traversing planes or the upland plateau of Sunnbüel – the magical mountainscape forms an incomparable backdrop to your cross-country adventure.

Travel comfortably by train to Kandersteg.

Cross-country skiing trails

Kandersteg Blue cross-country skiing trail

The 3 km-long trail follows the river Kander out of the village centre, in the direction of the Kandersteg Scout Centre. This trail has been prepared exclusively for the classic cross-country skiing technique, and proudly bears the label “Herzloipe Schweiz” awarded by Loipen Schweiz.

Starting point Cross-country ski centre at the Hotel des Alpes
Distance 3.4 km
50 minutes
Elevation difference 14 Hm / 14 Hm
Degree of difficulty easy

Kandersteg Red cross-country skiing trail

The 5 km route starts with a gentle climb, heads out around the back of the village, and passes the scouting centre’s camp site before arriving at the entrance to the Lötschberg tunnel. An easy descent back to the starting point awaits you here at the end of the trail. The time spent between the easy climbs and descents is entertaining and full of variety.

Starting point Cross-country ski centre at the Hotel des Alpes
Distance 5 km
1 hour 5 minutes
Elevation difference 24 Hm / 24 Hm
Degree of difficulty easy

Kandersteg Green cross-country skiing trail

This 7 km-long trail commences with the legendary ascent through the “Wildi” district. No need to worry though; shortly after the climb you are rewarded with a descent towards the Catholic church. The trail continues past the Oeschinensee cable car, which is followed by the second descent. Here you have the choice to either shorten the trail by heading left at the end of the descent, or to follow the original trail by heading right. The original route heads up along the sunniest ascent to the Nordic Arena ski jumping stadium.

Starting point Cross-country ski centre at the Hotel des Alpes
Distance 7.8 km
1 hour 50 minutes
Elevation difference 24 Hm / 24 Hm
Degree of difficulty medium

Kandersteg Black cross-country skiing trail

This challenging 10 km-long trail is ideal for sporty cross-country skiers who want to reach higher altitudes in Kandersteg. The trail begins with the challenging “Wildi-Anstieg” and then heads out through the picturesque Oeschi forest. After a rapid descent you arrive directly back on the main cross-country skiing routes. The trail continues across the village and through the Höhwald forest to the west. On this section of the trail through the forest you can enjoy the best views. The trail continues along the impressive Allmenalp rock face, then heads around the back of the village and turns off at the Scout Centre. Further along the trail you will soon arrive at the traditional Ruedihus, a cosy country inn, before rejoining the main trail network.

Starting point Cross-country ski centre at the Hotel des Alpes
Distance 10.4 km
Duration 2 hours 50 minutes
Elevation difference 140 Hm / 140 Hm
Degree of difficulty difficult

Yellow cross-country skiing trail: Höh panoramic trail

This total package will make the heart of any cross-country skier beat faster. To reach an altitude of 1,318 m and safe above sea level, both fitness downhill skiing techniques are required – however, the view is absolutely worth it. The 14 km-long panorama trail passes several lookout points, starting from the Nordic Arena, and continues on to the viewpoint on the Höhwald, then past the Scout Centre and on towards the Sunnbüel valley station, before returning to the starting point at the cross-country skiing centre.

Please be aware that the “Höh” trail is available for shared use; cross-country skiing, hiking, horse riding and snowshoeing. Maintenance is handled by the Kandersteg Cross-country Ski Centre, after the cross-country skiing trails on the valley floor have been prepared (no daily maintenance).

Starting point Cross-country ski centre at the Hotel des Alpes
Distance 13.6 km
3 hours 45 minutes
Elevation difference 222 Hm / 222 Hm
Degree of difficulty difficult

Cross-country skiing by night

Cross-country skiing by night is an absolute highlight at Kandersteg, in good snow conditions the trail is lit up from Monday to Friday evenings until 9 pm. The illuminated trail starts at the Hotel des Alpes and enables cross-country skiers to enjoy a magical tour of the picturesque valley floor, using both the classic technique and the skating technique.

Starting point Cross-country ski centre at the Hotel des Alpes
Distance 5.6 km
1 hour 10 minutes
Elevation difference 26 Hm / 26 Hm
Degree of difficulty medium

Kandersteg High-altitude cross-country skiing trail

From the mountain station of the Sunnbüel cable car, the trail heads down to the Spittelmatte plateau. This diversified trail leads past the Sennhütten and the Arvenwald back to the ski lift area. Between 3.5 and 8 km of the trail is maintained between Christmas and Easter, depending on snow conditions.

Starting point Sunnbüel Cable Car Mountain Station (1,934 m)
Distance 5.9 km
1 hour 30 minutes
Elevation difference 94 Hm / 94 Hm
Degree of difficulty difficult


Please observe the current trail report.


Cross-country passes, Kandersteg

  • CHF 160.00 Season pass, Switzerland
  • CHF 90.00 Season pass, Kandersteg and Lötschental
  • CHF 40.00 Week pass, Kandersteg*
  • CHF 45.00 Week pass, Kandersteg**
  • CHF 10.00 Day ticket, Kandersteg*
  • CHF 12.00 Day ticket, Kandersteg**
  • free Children up to 15.99 years

*   With guest ticket
** Without guest ticket

The cross-country passes and day tickets are available from the BLS Travel Centre Kandersteg, the car park of the Hotel des Alpes (the trails’ starting point), the office of Kandersteg Tourismus, in the sports shops, and at various hotels in Kandersteg.

Season pass

The Kandersteg cross-country season pass is also valid in Lötschental.


Prices in CHF incl. VAT / Prices and products subject to alteration


Equipment hire

Grossen Sport, phone +41 33 675 00 16, e-mail
Käthy Sport & Mode, phone +41 33 675 16 09

Trail starting point with changing room

Cross-country ski center Kandersteg at Hotel Des Alpes

BLS suggestion

Destination by candlelight

From November 2, 2023, to the end of January 2024, numerous restaurants at the destination Adelboden–Lenk–Kandersteg will be offering candlelit dinners once a week. From that date, every Thursday it will be lights off and wicks lit. Participating restaurants:

  • Kandersteg: Hotel Alfa Soleil, Hotel Alpenblick, Hotel Bernerhof
  • Lenk: Lenkerhof gourmet spa resort, Sporthotel Wildstrubel, Restaurant ELK
  • Adelboden: Adler, Apart Hotel am Dorfplatz, Hotel Hari im Schlegeli, Hotel Steinmattli, Parkhotel Bellevue & Spa, Restaurant Des Alpes


Travel comfortably by train to Kandersteg.

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