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Lötschberg north ramp

This walk along the Lötschberger railway walking trail is perfect for walking enthusiasts wishing to learn more about the railway, the Lötschberg mountain line and Kandertal.

The trail partially follows the tracks, but also leads high above the railway line and provides impressive views of viaducts and helical tunnels, as well as vistas of the beautiful Kandertal valley.

Since summer 2019, newly designed information elements, seating and barbecue areas have been adding value to the hiking classic in the upper Kandertal. 34 information boards in four languages convey interesting facts about railway construction and the history of the region.

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    The first board awaits you in Kandersteg in the Eggenschwand near the north portal of the Lötschberg tunnel. From here the Lötschberg north ramp leads via the Kandersteg railway station to the church in Kandergrund and on to Frutigen.From here, the view includes the portal of the Lötschberg Base Tunnel.

    Anyone wishing to shorten this walk of approx. 5 hours 15 mins can simply take the bus from Kandersteg to Mitholz, and from there walk the most interesting main section of the route back to Kandersteg.


    The walking time for the entire route (19 km) is approx. 5 hours 15 mins. There are several options for shortening the walk. The walking trail leads past three bus stops (“Mitholz, Balmhorn, Blausee” and “Kandergrund, Altels”) and can thus be shortened.

    Shortest route, Eggenschwand–Kandersteg Station: 40 mins
    Kandersteg Station–Mitholz–Frutigen: 4 hours 35 mins
    Frutigen–Innerkandergrund: 1 hour 40 mins
    Mitholz–Innerkandergrund: 1 hour 10 mins
    Kandersteg Station–Blausee–Mitholz: 1 hour 45 mins 

    Guided railway walk

    A guided railway walk from Blausee–Mitholz to Kandergrund takes place several times a year.

    Availability Today (Sunday) open

    The Lötschberger railway walking trail is generally accessible from April to November.

    Subject to change without prior notice


    The Lötschberger railway walking trail can be used free of charge.


    Entlang der Lötschberg Nordrampe befinden sich einige Picknick- und Grillplätze. Für die genauen Standorte konsultieren Sie die oben verlinkte Wanderbroschüre. Sie finden aber auch tolle Restaurants in Kandersteg, am Blausee oder in Frutigen.

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    Kandersteg, Gemeindehaus
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