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Traditional mountain and Alpine games in the Lötschental valley

Old-fashioned outdoor fun for children, families, companies, groups and clubs!

Come and play six different traditional games from the Lötschental valley – the perfect way to spend a relaxing few hours in the great outdoors. Depending on your preference, we’ll organise drinks and snacks or alternatively a typical Lötschental surprise three-course menu, served in an authentic setting.

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Traditional mountain and Alpine games in the Lötschental valley

  • CHF 30.00 Per person

Prices in CHF incl. VAT / Prices and products subject to alteration



All year round in all regions of Lötschental

Group size

At least 10 people

Playing time

Around 2.5 hours

Minimum age

6 years

Food & drink

Upon request, a “naturally Lötschental” welcome drink or a drink of your choice can be arranged.


  • Tschärrättu
    “Tschärrättu” is a variant of the sport of Hornussen. The “Tschärrätt” is hit as far as possible out into the field using a stick (Tschärrättschtäkn). The distance of the hit is measured.
  • Leffel Pfyl schiässen
    In spring, especially in Kippel, hand-carved arrows are thrown using a throwing whip. You need good motor skills, a good throwing technique and intent. The arrow is fastened to the whip. There is an indentation for this in the middle of the arrow. The whip is stretched across both hands and is thrown with the momentum of upper body movement. The distance of the throw is measured.
  • Mischlu
    “Mischlu” is a variant of the game of skittles. Six split pieces of wood (“Mischla” 60-70cm in size) are set out in a row. The thrower now tries to knock over the pieces of wood with a stick (Wurfmischla). Everyone gets three tries to knock down the skittles. The person who knocks down the most “Mischlä” is the winner.
  • “Ring loifen”
    This form of skilled running with a wheel and a stick requires a feeling for the right tempo and some elbow grease.
    An old bicycle wheel (without the tyre) is pushed along using a “Holzschtäkn” (a wooden stick about 30cm long) and ushered through a simple course to the finish line. The person who completes the course in the fastest time is the winner.
  • Naglu
    Nails are bashed into a block with a special hammer. The winner is the person who hammers the nails into the block with the fewest strikes.
  • Burdi-Seil-Triäglu gufru
    A loose Burdi rope is thrown onto a Lötschentaler “Tschäggättu”. The person whose rope lands the closest to the Lötschentaler mask has won. “Triäggla” measuring point – the stick of the mask.

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