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Kambly round trip

Your enjoyable day trip: Bern–Kambly Experience Trubschachen–Lucerne–Interlaken–Bern

On a single day, you will take in magnificent views of snow-covered mountain peaks, travel along deep-blue lakes and through idyllic landscapes. On the way, you will visit the famous Swiss cities of Bern, Lucerne and Interlaken, as well as the Kambly Experience in Trubschachen.

Railway line

Train ride on the BLS-RegioExpress along the Emmental Valley and the Entlebuch to Lucerne, continuing on Zentralbahn via Brünig to Interlaken Ost and finally back to Berne via Thun.

Route and travel duration

Route Bern–Trubschachen–Lucerne–Brienz–Interlaken Ost–Bern
Distance about 200 km
Duration of the trip 5 hours



Bern is the starting point of your journey. The capital offers a unique medieval atmosphere with numerous fountains, sandstone façades, alleyways and historic towers. The old town is a Unesco World Heritage Site and has one of the longest weather-protected shopping promenades in Europe with six kilometres of arcades. The boutiques, bars and small street cafés attract locals as well as many tourists. Despite its good public transport system, Bern's city centre is best explored on foot.


Kambly Experience

In the middle of the idyllic Emmental valley, the train stops right in front of the Kambly Experience, where you can discover the secrets of the art of pastry making.



Lucerne is the gateway to Central Switzerland and lies on Lake Lucerne. The covered, medieval Chapel Bridge with its gable paintings is considered one of the oldest covered wooden bridges in Europe. Another of the city's landmarks is the Musegg Wall, which has been preserved in its original fortified form apart from one tower.



Probably the most romantic part of Brienz is Brunngasse, which is famous beyond Switzerland's borders and has been described as the "most beautiful alley in Europe". Most of the houses in the alley date back to the 18th century and are decorated with wood carvings. Brienz, known as a village of carvings, has a long tradition of woodworking and still has a carving school and a violin-making school today.

From April to October, the onward journey to Interlaken can be made by boat.



Interlaken is located in the Bernese Oberland on an alluvial plain between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. Overlooked by the three mighty mountains the Eiger, the Mönch and the Jungfrau, the holiday resort is the starting point for numerous activities. The Interlaken-Brienz route can be travelled by boat from April to October.

Timetable Today (Tuesday) open

The Kambly round trip takes around five hours.

Recommended timetable from Bern

   Rail  Rail/Boat
 Bern from   09.36  09.36
 Trubschachen to 10.12  10.12
 Trubschachen from 11.14  11.14
 Lucerne to 12.03  12.03
 Lucerne from 14.06  14.06
 Brienz to   15.33
 Brienz from   15.40
 Interlaken Ost to 15.55  16.53
 Interlaken Ost from 17.00  18.00
 Bern to 17.52  18.52

Recommended timetable from Lucerne

   Rail   Rail/Boat
 Lucerne from   08.57  07.57
 Trubschachen to 09.44  08.44
 Trubschachen from 10.44  09.44
 Bern to 11.26  10.26
 Bern from 14.04  13.04
 Interlaken Ost to 14.58  13.58
 Interlaken Ost from 16.04 15.07
 Brienz to   16.20
 Brienz from   16.25
 Lucerne to 17.55  17.55


  • Information on the round trip options and ticket prices is available at any ticket counter in Switzerland.
  • For the journey there and the entire round trip, you can use the Day Pass for the Half-Fare Travelcard.
  • The round trip is included in the following package tickets: Regional Pass Bernese Oberland, Swiss Travel Pass, GA Travelcard.
  • Admission to the Kambly Experience is free of charge.
  • You can book the round trip at BLS Travel Centres and at all other railway ticket counters in Switzerland.
  • The Brienz–Interlaken route can be travelled by boat from April to October. Please note the timetable and specify when purchasing.

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