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RegioExpress Kambly train

The specially designed BLS Kambly train provides a Tuesday-to-Sunday RegioExpress service direct from Bern and Lucerne to the Kambly Experience in the village of Trubschachen.

In 2010, Kambly – Switzerland’s best-known biscuit producer – celebrated its 100-year anniversary. Since then, the special Kambly train has been running between Bern, Trubschachen and Lucerne to connect the excursion destinations along the line with each other. Since the timetable change of 11 December 2015, the RE Kambly train has been operated as a dividing train (with two destinations) and with modern rolling stock. In Lucerne, Malters and Wolhusen, please ensure that you board the front section of the train in the Trubschachen-Bern direction.

One or two Kambly-design Lötschberger trains are being used both for this route and as S6 services between Lucerne and Langnau i.E. BLS conductors are available to assist and advise passengers on the RegioExpress connections. Passengers can also purchase tickets (subject to a service fee of CHF 10.00) and class upgrades (minimum fee CHF 5.00) from the conductors. On the S-Bahn services no conductors are used; instead a self-service ticket validation system applies.

The new Kambly train features low-floor entrances for travellers with disabilities or with pushchairs, power sockets in almost all passenger compartments, and large panoramic windows. The train is decorated with illustrations of various Kambly biscuits against a white background. The headrests of the seats in both classes show the class of the carriage and the Kambly logo, while the tables are adorned with quotations on various “Kambly moments” in six different languages.

Catering and family zone

Since autumn 2017, the Kambly trains have been operating with a catering and family zone. BLS conductors will also serve passengers directly at their seats on certain trains. The catering area is located in the central section of the train. Passengers can purchase Kambly specialities and other sweet and savoury snacks. Also available are cold drinks and a range of coffees as well as tea and soups. A new family zone is also located right next to the catering area. On some of the tables within the section, children can solve puzzles or use a colouring book or puzzle book. Compared with the conventional Lötschberger fleet, the tables within the family zone are larger and can be folded down.

The Kambly trains are the first two BLS services to offer a catering and family zone. By improving our range of facilities, BLS is aiming to gather experience and find out what passengers feel about the services provided on the train. The results will be taken into account when planning the layout of its new fleet of trains. BLS is planning to equip 30 of its 58 new trains coming into operation from 2021 onwards with a catering area. The at-seat service facility will provide BLS with information about the future role of its conductors on the GoldenPass Express trains between Montreux and Interlaken Ost.

As for the former Kambly train, using an Re 465 locomotive and six EWIII carriages, this is being run without a cosmetic redesign on the Bern-Neuchâtel-La Chaux-de-Fonds route as a RegioExpress train.

RE Kambly train timetable (09.12.2018–15.12.2019)

Every Tuesday to Sunday, with standard Lötschberger trains running on Mondays

Dep. Lucerne 07.57 and 13.57 hours
Dep. Bern 09.36 and 15.36 hours

You can obtain further information about the running of the Kambly train from the BLS Customer Service team.

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    Medienmitteilung 01.11.2016
    Zwei Lötschberger-Züge der BLS fahren neu für Kambly

    Seit sechs Jahren verbindet der Kambly Zug Trubschachen mit Bern und Luzern. Ab dem Fahrplanwechsel vom 11. Dezember 2016 verkehrt der bisherige Kambly Zug auf der Strecke Bern-Neuchâtel-La Chaux-de-Fonds. Zwischen Bern und Luzern sind künftig zwei Lötschberger-Züge neu im Kambly-Design unterwegs. Der erste neue Kambly Zug wurde gestern in Spiez auf «Trubschachen 1» getauft und anschliessend auf die Jungfernfahrt geschickt. In den beiden neuen Kambly Zügen können sich die Kundinnen und Kunden ab Frühling 2017 am Snack- und Kaffeeautomaten verpflegen. Für Kinder ist ein Familienabteil reserviert.

    Inside Kambly Zug Rosa Angeli 2
    Die gute Fee im Kambly Zug

    Rosa Angeli hat in ihrem Berufsleben schon viel erlebt. Heute sorgt sie im Kambly Zug der BLS zwischen Luzern und Bern für die Verpflegung der Fahrgäste.

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