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Verbania, on the shores of Lake Maggiore

Lakeside gardens and shopping

Verbania is the perfect destination in which to enjoy long walks and bicycle rides. What’s more, the old town – with its shops, wine bars, ice cream stands and restaurants – is the ideal place for shopping, sampling local delicacies, and soaking up the spirit of “la dolce vita”.

Enjoy the mild climate, lush vegetation, Piedmont cuisine and international flare by the shores of Lago Maggiore.  

One of the things visitors enjoy most about Verbania is its unique location by the “Borromean Gulf”. It is the capital of the Novara province, formed in 1939 through the merger of several towns. Today, Verbania is one of the key urban centres by Lago Maggiore.  



Villa Taranto

Its lovingly tended gardens and parks are a big part of Verbania’s appeal: the gardens of Villa Taranto extend across approx. 16 hectares and feature a rare abundance of around 20,000 plant species from around the world.

Isola Madre

This park, which is among Italy’s oldest botanical gardens, features something like its own micro-climate. This means that it is home to many plants that are usually found only south of the Tropic of Cancer. Non-native bird species are also to be found on this island. The bright plumage of the parrots sparkles between the branches, while peacocks and Chinese pheasants strut across the manicured lawns.

Chiesa di Madonna di Campagna

The Madonna di Campagna church captivates the viewer at the very first glance, thanks to its distinctive appearance. The chapel with its 14th-century fresco, the hand-carved wooden choir and the 17th-century building on the northern side of the church, once home to the seminary, are all well-worth seeing.

Museo del Paesaggio

The Museo del Paesaggio in the prestigious, recently fully renovated Palazzo Viani Dugnani is home to the most important collection of artworks in Lake Maggiore, with pieces from internationally renowned artists including Paolo Troubetzkoy, Arturo Martini and Mario Tozzi dating from the late 19th to early 20th centuries.

Villa Giulia Park

Nestled on the banks of Lake Maggiore in Pallanza, Verbania and surrounded by a majestic public park, the neo-classicist Villa Giulia is open for exploration during exhibitions and events. The park is the perfect place for a walk with plenty of spots to absorb the view out over the lake in the heart of the greenery.

Weekly market

Every Saturday between 09:00 and 16:00 hours, you can amuse yourself by observing the butchers and fishmongers as they animatedly persuade passers-by to purchase their wares by using their theatrical skills and hurling insults at their neighbouring stall-holders.

How to get there

Travel directly and in comfort to Domodossola. Use the short stop here to enjoy an Italian cappuccino and then continue your journey by bus (B 12) to Verbania. The bus stop is located directly in front of the train station.

Timetable recommendation

Journey there

Departure Bern 07.39
Arrival Domodossola  09.54
Departure Domodossola  10.30
Arrival Verbania Intra, imb. Vecchio  11.35

Return journey

Departure Verbania Intra, imb. Vecchio 18.20
Arrival Domodossola 19.25
Departure Domodossola  19.48
Arrival Bern  21.24

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