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Domodossola is a picturesque town in northern Italy that is perfect for Christmas shopping. The cozy streets and squares are festively decorated during the holidays, inviting visitors to stroll around. In the numerous shops and boutiques, you'll find a diverse selection of gifts, crafts, local products, and delicious treats. The friendly atmosphere and special ambiance make Christmas shopping in Domodossola an unforgettable experience.

The BLS RegioExpress will take you from Bern to Domodossola in 2 hours and 15 minutes via Ausserberg. The journey follows the 100-year-old mountain route along the Lötschberg North Ramp, passing through Kandersteg, Goppenstein, over viaducts, and through switchback tunnels to Brig and, finally, to Domodossola. Enjoy the views of the Bernese Oberland mountains, Lake Thun, and the ever-closer Rhone Valley.


Starting at CHF 24.00 to Domodossola and back

Travel comfortably with the BLS RegioExpress from Bern or Thun/Spiez to Domodossola and benefit from our special offer “Domodossola-Hit” with a discount of more than 50%. The ticket is valid for 2 days, so you can easily combine your stay in the south with an overnight stay. In addition, further discounts await you.

The special ticket is valid from 16 October to 23 December 2023 and is only valid on the BLS RegioExpress via the mountain route.

Domodossola-Hit from Bern

  • CHF 58.00 Adults 2nd class
  • CHF 29.00 Half Fare Card / Child. 2nd class
  • CHF 98.00 Adults 1st class
  • CHF 49.00 Half Fare Card / Child. 1st class

Domodossola-Hit from Thun / Spiez

  • CHF 48.00 Adults 2nd class
  • CHF 24.00 Half Fare Card / Child. 2nd class
  • CHF 88.00 Adults 1st class
  • CHF 44.00 Half Fare Card / Child. 1st class

Included with Domodossola-Hit

  • Return journey on the BLS RegioExpress from Bern or Thun/Spiez to Domodossola
  • A bottle of Spumante Ossolano in your room when booking a double room at the Locanda Piemonte da Sciolla. Specify "Domodossola-Hit" as the keyword when booking at the hotel.
  • 10% discount on an overnight stay at the Dimora Domese. Specify "Domodossola-Hit" as the keyword when booking the accommodation.
  • House digestive or coffee at the Restaurant Terminus
  • Tasting of "Basin" wine at the Azienda Agricola Edoardo Patrone

Christmas Market 6th and 17th December 2023

Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th December 2023, from 09.00 to 19.00

The Domodossola Christmas Market is the ideal opportunity to find original gifts. Enjoy the authentic atmosphere of the elegantly lit old town, adorned with festive decorations and a large Christmas tree.

Travel suggestions

You can travel south with the RegioExpress Bern-Spiez-Kandersteg-Brig-Domodossola in comfort and with great views via the old Lötschberg mountain route. Please note that you will have to change trains in Brig until further notice.

We recommend the following connections:

Getting there



Bern dp 07.39 09.39
Münsingen dp 07.50 09.50
Thun dp  08.01 10.01
Spiez dp 08.12 10.12
Brig ar 09.18 11.18
Brig dp 09.22 11.22
Domodossola ar 09.54 11.54

Return journey




Domodossola dp 15.58  17.58 18.58 19.58
Brig ar  16.32  18.32 19.32 20.32
Brig dp 16.36  18.36  19.36  20.34
Spiez ar 17.44  19.44 20.44 21.44
Thun ar 17.58      **  **  ** 
Münsingen ar 18.09               
Bern ar 18.21               

**other connections in accordance with the online timetable are not valid for Domodossola-Hit

Overnight stays

Extend your trip to the south and stay overnight in Domodossola. With the "Domodossola-Hit", you can benefit from discounts at the Dimora Domese and Albergo da Sciolla.

Market in Domodossola

A day at the market in Domodossola

A very special experience awaits you in this picturesque town in Italy: the lively and diverse market that regularly brings the narrow streets of the old town to life. Market days in Domodossola are not only an opportunity to buy fresh produce, but also an invitation to immerse yourself in the local culture. The stalls feature fresh fruit and vegetables from the region, fragrant herbs, handmade artworks and artistic hand-crafted products. A stroll through the market is like a journey through the culinary and artisanal treasures of the area.


Piazza Mercato

The Piazza Mercato in Domodossola is a lively market square that forms the heart of the city. This bustling marketplace is where the local community and visitors alike come together to experience fresh food, handmade products and a slice of authentic Italian culture. Along the piazza you will find a colourful selection of stalls offering a variety of goods. From fresh fruit and vegetables to fragrant herbs and regional cheeses and meats, there is a wealth of delicacies that reflect the gastronomic diversity of the region.

Palazzo San Francesco

The Palazzo San Francesco in Domodossola is an impressive historical building that embodies a rich past and cultural significance. This imposing palace, built in the 16th century, once served as a monastery. Today, Palazzo San Francesco houses a museum and offers an insight into the history, art and culture of the region. The building itself is an example of Renaissance architecture, with an elegant façade and magnificent interiors. You will have the opportunity to stroll through the historic rooms, admire works of art and learn more about the history of Palazzo San Francesco and its surroundings.

Collegiate Church of Santi Gervasio e Protasio

The Collegiate Church of Santi Gervasio e Protasio is an important religious building that embodies the history and spirituality of the city. This imposing church was built in Romanesque style in the 12th century and is a testament to medieval architecture and faith. The façade of the collegiate church is richly decorated and shows ornate details typical of the Romanesque era. Inside, visitors find an impressive atmosphere, characterised by high arches, vaults and impressive frescoes. The church also houses precious religious relics and works of art that emphasise its spiritual significance.

Palazzo Silva

This magnificent building was built in the 16th century and was once the seat of the noble Silva family. The façade of Palazzo Silva is an impressive work of art, richly decorated and reflecting the architectural skill of the time. Inside the palace, visitors can expect sumptuous rooms, elegant details and ornate decorations that capture the charm of bygone eras. Today, Palazzo Silva serves as a museum that offers visitors an insight into the history, art and culture of the region. The exhibitions inside display works of art, furniture, historical objects and other treasures that shed light on the history of the city and its inhabitants.

Castello di Mattarella

This medieval castle towers majestically over the city and offers an impressive view of the surrounding countryside. The Castello di Mattarella was built in the 13th century and has served various functions over the centuries, including defence, residence and today even cultural events. The castle has thick walls, towers and historical elements that emphasise its history and importance. You will have the opportunity to explore the Castello di Mattarella and discover the well-preserved rooms, towers and corridors. The view from the top of the castle offers a breathtaking panoramic view of Domodossola and the surrounding countryside.

Sacro Monte Calvario

Religious and cultural life in Domodossola

Towering high above the charming town is the impressive Sacro Monte Calvario, a place of great spiritual significance and cultural richness. The history of the Sacro Monte Calvario dates back to the 17th century, when construction of this impressive pilgrimage site began. The combination of spirituality and art attracted artists, architects and craftsmen from the region who contributed their talent to the design of the chapels. It is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site and consists of an impressive sequence of 15 chapels and monumental statues depicting the Passion of Jesus Christ. These chapels, laid out along an idyllic path, take visitors on a symbolic journey through the stations of the Way of the Cross. Each chapel is a work of art in itself, with sculptures, paintings and reliefs that bring the scenes of Christ's passion to life.

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