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Adventurous tours of the town of Burgdorf

You can explore the lovely Zähringer town in a variety of interesting ways, from culinary, scary and spooky to classic and criminal.

Discover the town of Burgdorf afresh, as the expert guides tell you fascinating and curious facts about the past and present of the historical town. From the former workers’ district that is now known as the Kornhausquartier (“granary quarter”), the tour takes you to the upper old town and parish church before finishing at the imposing Burgdorf Castle. During the tour, you can help the investigating detective solve a criminal case or explore the heritage of Burgdorf’s traditional shops. As you browse the local specialities, you’ll learn what shopping was like 100 years ago.

Travel comfortably by train to Burgdorf.

Public guided city tour

A public guided tour of the old town takes place every Saturday from April to October. During the tour of the Zähringerstadt, you will learn many exciting and historical facts about Burgdorf's history.

More themed tours

Public themed tours are held at least once a month on a wide variety of topics.

City fire tour

In 1865, the "unerchannte Ämmeluft" turned a harmless house fire at Milchgässli into an inferno. On the tour through the old town you will learn everything about the largest relief operation in Switzerland at the time, the night of the disaster and the history of Burgdorf. 

Dedektiv city tour

Discover the beautiful crime city of Burgdorf in a different way. On this interesting tour through Burgdorf you will learn everything about the investigative work of a detective. 

Beer CulTour

In 1871, the then most modern brewery in Switzerland opened in Burgdorf. Learn all about Burgdorf beer and its history on this tour.

Guided tours for groups

There are interesting city tours on the following topics:

Classic city tour

On this exciting guided tour of the Zähringer town of Burgdorf, you will learn all about life yesterday and today. 

Gallows Tour

This tour takes you into Burgdorf's dark past in the days of poor sinners and their judges and executioners. 

Upper Old Town Tour

Discover Burgdorf's historic upper town on this tour.  

Lower town tour

Exciting guided tours through Burgdorf's Lower Town, which is strongly influenced by crafts and trade.  

Guided tour of the town fire brigade

Learn all about the devastating town fire in 1865 on this tour.  

Guided tour of the town church

Learn all about the history of Burgdorf's town church.

Beer CulTour

On this tour you will learn everything about the history of beer in Burgdorf and what significance beer still has for the town today. 

Detective City Tour

You will check the alibi of a robber and discover the town of Burgdorf in a different way.

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Details of the dates on which the guided tours are offered:

BLS suggestion

If you would like to discover the town of Burgdorf through play with your friends or family, then the "Ludotrail: Play through Burgdorf" would be a great offer for you. Have fun.

How to get there

Travel comfortably by train to Burgdorf.

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