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Murten: an idyll by the lake

A peaceful retreat with Mediterranean flair

Immerse yourself in a world where picturesque alleys meet centuries of history and Lake Murten offers a backdrop of breathtaking nature. An unforgettable experience awaits you here, combining culture, relaxation and discovery with a touch of Mediterranean flair.

Travel comfortably by train to Murten. The old town is about a 10-minute walk from the station.


Discover the enchanting town of Murten with its historical highlights - from the picturesque Rathausgasse to the imposing Murten Castle and the imposing circular wall. Also explore the fascinating German and French churches and the impressive Berntor.


Rathausgasse is a picturesque street that exudes historical charm. Its cobblestones and well-preserved buildings reflect the town's rich history. A stroll along this alley provides a glimpse into past eras and immerses visitors in the character of the city. The shops, boutiques and cosy cafés along Rathausgasse not only offer shopping and leisure opportunities, but also contribute to Murten's lively atmosphere. In this historic setting, the bustling present blends pleasantly with the city's rich history.

Castle Murten

Castle Murten, high above the charming town on the shores of Lake Murten, is a captivating relic of past times. The castle dates back to the time of Count Peter II of Savoy (1255). The castle has been rebuilt several times and has been in its present form since 1755. Today, the castle opens its doors to curious visitors who can immerse themselves in the historic halls and, at the same time, enjoy the panoramic views over the city and Lake Murten. A tour of the castle allows you to experience history first-hand and capture the atmosphere of days gone by.

Ring wall

Murten's circular wall is an impressive relic from days gone by. This well-preserved city wall surrounds the historic old town of Murten and tells of the strategic importance and protection the town once enjoyed. The ring wall was built in several construction phases from different materials such as pebbles, tuff and sandstone. The first 15 layers predate the foundation of the city in the 12th century. You can walk along the almost intact circular wall in all weathers and it offers a panoramic view over the charming roofs of Murten, as well as Lake Murten, on which the routes of the Three Lakes Cruises run. Strolling along the picturesque lakeside with a view of the Vully wine-growing region opposite, you immediately get that “holiday” feeling.

The German and French Churches

German Church

The German Church stands as an important religious building in the heart of the city. Originally, there was a Lady Chapel on the site of the German Church from 1399. The present church was built in 1710 in the Baroque style as a new building, whereby the former chapel choir was preserved. As a meeting place for the German-speaking community, it serves not only as a place of faith and devotion, but also as a cultural centre. Its architecture and presence shape the townscape and bear witness to the rich history of Murten.

French Church

The late Gothic French Church replaced the former St. Catherine's Chapel in 1481. A commemorative plaque to the reformer William Farel (1530) is placed above the entrance. The church marks an important place of faith and community, and its historical value and cultural relevance emphasise the city's connection with different languages and traditions.


The Berntor in Murten is a remarkable historic town gate that is part of the well-preserved town wall. It was totally destroyed in the Battle of Murten and had to be rebuilt several times over later years. Today's Berntor dates from the second half of the 18th century, when it was built by Bernese master builder Niklaus Hebler, who also renovated the Bernese Zeitglockenturm. It stands to the north of the old town and is an important relic of days gone by. With its imposing presence, it is a reminder of Murten's rich history and offers visitors an insight into the town's medieval defensive structure.


Taste the heavenly delicious "Nidelkuchen" at the Aebersold bakery and experience the captivating world of "Circuit Secret Murten Licht" with impressive light projections. The Murten Museum reveals the town's history from ancient times to the present day, while "Murten on Ice" offers winter family fun on ice skates.

Aebersold's Nidelkuchen

Tasting Nidelkuchen

The Aebersold bakery in Murten is known for its house speciality, Nidelkuchen. This unique recipe has been passed down and refined over three generations. Whilst visiting, guests have the opportunity to watch the bakers at work and get a glimpse of the production process. There is an opportunity to try both traditional Nidelkuchen and a savoury variation with bacon or tomatoes.

Further information about Aebersold's Nidelkuchen

Circuit Secret Murten Licht

Mysterious light experience

Experience a mysterious and luminous journey through six interactive rooms! On a tour through the city with a total of six interactive stations, you will be taken on a mysterious and exciting journey. Creative light projections and animations interact with you in a variety of ways. This extraordinary experience stirs the emotions and leaves you wanting to explore further.

Further information about the Secret Circuit Murten Licht

Museum Murten

Murten's journey through time: history and the present in the museum

The Museum Murten presents a diverse collection of exhibits that illuminate Murten's development from antiquity to the present day. From archaeological finds to contemporary art, the museum offers a fascinating insight into the multi-faceted identity of this historic city. The exhibitions encourage visitors to explore the past, understand the present and experience the unique atmosphere of Murten.

Further information about the Museum Murten

Murten on Ice

Skating pleasure

Murten on Ice invites you to enjoy a wintery treat. This seasonal event transforms the place into a frosty oasis of fun and activity. The ice rink offers young and old the opportunity to put on their skates and glide on the ice. Music and lights create a festive atmosphere while families, friends and visitors brave the cold with fun and enthusiasm. 

Further information about Murten on Ice


Visit the event highlights in Murten: the enchanting Christmas market, the fascinating light festival and the thrilling carnival.

Murten Christmas Market 8.–10. 12.2023

Magical Christmas atmosphere

During three days (from 8 to 10 December 2023), you can immerse yourself in the magical festivity of the Murtner Weihnachtsmarktest. This annual event transforms the historic streets of Murten into a winter oasis of joy and community spirit. The market is the perfect place to get in the mood for the festive season and experience the anticipation of Christmas. The stalls are filled with handmade gifts, festive decorations and culinary delights.

Murten Light Festival 17.–28.1.2024

Magic lights in Murten

From 17 to 28 January 2024, the Light Festival will once again take place in the old town of Murten. During the Murten Light Festival, breathtaking light installations, projections and creative works of art are presented on the town's historic buildings and squares. These vibrant creations interact with the environment and create an impressive play of colours and shapes. Immerse yourself in a spectacle that transforms the city into a shimmering wonderland and creates a very special atmosphere.

Further information about the Murten Light Festival

Murten Carnival 1.–4.3.2024

Dress up and celebrate!

Let yourself be swept away by the lively atmosphere of Murten Carnival (from 1 to 4 March 2024)! The Murten Carnival events offer a variety of activities for all ages. Be it the rousing parades, the creative costume competitions or the wide range of entertainment - there is something for everyone here. You have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the colourful world of carnival, dress up and share the fun with the community.

Further information about the Murten Carnival

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Travel comfortably by train to Murten.

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