Adjusted timetable

Renovation of the Summit Tunnel – effects on regional rail transport travelling via Lötschberg

Applies from December 2018 to the end of 2023

Over the course of four years, BLS is replacing the tracks of the Lötschberg Summit Tunnel (LST), thereby ensuring that the Mittelland and Valais remain directly connected with one another and that our passengers can continue to travel in comfort. The construction work will also affect the timetable in some instances.

Rail operations in Hohtenn

From December 2018 and during the construction period, trains will stop at Hohtenn every 2 hours during the day rather than every hour, as was the case previously.* All trains running from/to Brig will stop at Hohtenn. Unlike now, trains running from/to Domodossola will no longer stop in Hohtenn.

*morning between 8:00 hours to 12:00 hours from Bern to Brig hourly

Rail operations in Eggerberg

During the construction period, two trains will no longer stop at Eggerberg. These aside, Eggerberg will not be further affected by the renovation of the Summit Tunnel.

Rail operations in Lalden

From December 2018 (2019 timetable), the stop at Lalden will no longer be served. Lalden will continue to be served by a bus route (stop “Lalden, Dorf”). This will allow passengers to catch their connections in Brig and for the turn-around time in Domodossola to be adhered to. It will also improve the connection times from Goppenstein into Lötschental for passengers coming from Brig.
Construction projects
New track in the Lötschberg Summit Tunnel

Investing in the future: The tracks in the Lötschberg Summit Tunnel were last replaced in the 1970s. BLS is now investing in a modern and sustainable track so that our customers can continue to travel safely and conveniently through the tunnel between Goppenstein and Kandersteg.

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