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BLS Mobil

The app for the flexible

With our public transport app, you can buy travelcards and tickets for the whole of Switzerland, contactlessly, and check the timetable throughout Switzerland. With the Switzerland-wide check-in and check-out function, you don't have to study complicated fare systems and can easily buy a ticket. With BLS Mobil, you can travel carefree and flexibly by train, bus, tram, boat and cable car throughout the whole of Switzerland.

Download the BLS Mobil app now and use the only public transport app that also speaks Bernese German.

Download BLS Mobil now!

The app is available for iOS and also for Android.

Highlights of the BLS Mobil App

Purchase GA, Half-Fare and seven25

Buy your General Abonnement, Half-Fare travelcard or seven25 travelcard in the BLS Mobil app.

Here's how to buy your subscription in the BLS Mobil app:

  1. Select Abo in the menu at the bottom.
  2. Click on "Buy a subscription" and select the subscription you wish to purchase.
  3. The subscription you have purchased is now displayed in the Abo area.

Purchase travelcards

Buy your annual and monthly season tickets for the Passepartout, Libero, Frimobil and OndeVerte communities easily in the BLS Mobil app.

Here's how to buy your subscription in the BLS Mobil app:

  1. Select Abo in the menu at the bottom.
  2. Click on "Buy a subscription" and enter the route or area you want to use for your subscription.
  3. The subscription you have purchased is now displayed in the Abo area.

Multi-trip ticket Drive more than pay

With the digital multi-journey ticket, you can buy six trips within the Libero, Passepartout and Onde Verte fare networks. You thereby benefit from a substantial discount. Buy and validate your Libero / Passepartout or Onde Verte multi-journey ticket using BLS Mobil.

The quickest way to find the multi-journey ticket:

You can now buy and validate your Libero / Passepartout / Onde Verte multi-journey ticket in the BLS Mobil app.

  1. In the BLS Mobil app, select «Tickets» at the bottom of the menu
  2. Click «Buy tickets» for iOS or on the round + button for Android
  3. The multi-journey ticket will now be displayed for you to select

You can always find your purchased multi-journey tickets under «Tickets«.

Check-in and check-out function Travel carefree through the whole of Switzerland

Use the check-in and check-out function to simply board the train without having to worry about purchasing the correct ticket beforehand. That’s because the app automatically calculates the cheapest fare for the journey you take, and invoices you for a cash-free payment at the end of the day. This allows you to travel without any worries and always with the right ticket to hand.

Saver Day Pass Early birds are rewarded

With the day ticket calendar, you can find particularly inexpensive day tickets up to 60 days in advance.
  • It’s worth taking a look at 1st class Occasionally, you will find 1st class Saver Day Passes for the same price as 2nd class.

What else can the app do?


  • Ticket purchases in the form of a chat Dialog
  • Timetable enquiries
  • Purchase of day passes for the Lake Thun and Brienz, dogs or bicycles
  • Favourite connections available with one click
  • Payment options: Twint, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PostFinance, Apple Pay and Reka
  • Available languages: German, French, Italian and English
  • Available dialect: Bernese German

Questions and answers regarding BLS Mobil

Find the most frequently asked questions and answers about the BLS Mobil app here: Information about the customer account and ticket purchases, the check-in function and data protection.

Personal advice

Do you have any questions about buying tickets with BLS Mobil? We will be happy to help you at the BLS Travel Centre near you.

Contact and Terms

If you have any further questions about, experience problems with or have any suggestions on the BLS Mobil app, the BLS customer service team will be happy to help you.

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