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BLS Mobil

Check in and travel throughout Switzerland

With the BLS Mobil app, you can travel carefree through the whole of Switzerland

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The app is available for iOS and also for Android.


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    Multi-trip ticket Drive more than pay

    With the digital multi-trip ticket you can buy 6 journeys within the Libero network and benefit from an attractive discount.
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      Check-in and check-out function Travel carefree through the whole of Switzerland

      Use the check-in and check-out function to simply board the train without having to worry about purchasing the correct ticket beforehand. That’s because the app automatically calculates the cheapest fare for the journey you take, and invoices you for a cash-free payment at the end of the day. This allows you to travel without any worries and always with the right ticket to hand.
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        Saver Day Pass Early birds are rewarded

        With the day ticket calendar, you can find particularly inexpensive day tickets up to 60 days in advance.
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          • It’s worth taking a look at 1st class Occasionally, you will find 1st class Saver Day Passes for the same price as 2nd class.

          SwissPass on BLS Mobil Put everything on one app

          If you deposit your SwissPass on the BLS Mobil app, you have all your public transport subscriptions always at hand.
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            What else can the app do?


            • Ticket purchases in the form of a chat Dialog
            • Timetable enquiries
            • Purchase of day passes for dogs or bicycles
            • Favourite connections available with one click
            • Payment options: Twint, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PostFinance and Reka
            • Available languages: German, French, Italian and English
            • Available dialect: Bernese German
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              Questions and answers regarding BLS Mobil

              Availability of the app

              How can I download the app?

              The BLS Mobil app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

              Does the app also support other languages?

              Yes, the BLS Mobil app is available in German, French, Italian, English, and even in Bernese German. You do not have to set the language yourself, as the app will automatically adopt your phone’s language settings.

              For which smartphones is the BLS Mobil app available?

              The free app is available for iOS and Android devices in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. iOS (iPhone) Version 9.1 or newer and Android Version 4.3 or newer are supported.

              Is a version available for the Apple Watch or Samsung Smartwatch?

              No smartwatch version is currently available.

              Is there a version for the Windows Phone?

              No, the BLS Mobil app unfortunately cannot be used with a Windows phone.

              Customer account

              How do I create my customer account?

              The customer account can be created directly when first launching the app. You can also create your customer account at a later date under the menu item “Login”.

              Please note: this account will be a BLS customer account, which must be uniquely set up. It is not possible to log in via an existing SBB customer account.

              Do I have to create a customer account?

              No, the creation of a customer account is not obligatory. For example, if you only want to use the app for timetable enquiries, you can use it without registering and without creating a customer account. But if you also want to use the app to purchase tickets, you will need to create a customer account.

              What information do I have to provide in the customer account?

              The customer account contains your surname, first name, date of birth, e-mail address and any season tickets (e.g. Half-Fare travelcard). To use the lezzgo function, you also need to enter a telephone number and payment method.

              Why do I need a customer account?

              The customer account is required so that tickets can be purchased via the app.

              What do I need to do if I have forgotten the password to my customer account?

              You can log into your customer account under the menu item “Login”.  If you have forgotten your password, please click on “Forgotten your password?” and you will receive an e-mail via the e-mail address linked to your account. This e-mail will contain a replacement password with which you can define a new password for your customer account.

              Can I change my e-mail address via my customer account?

              Yes. Once you have logged in to your customer account, you can use the menu item “Profile” to change your e-mail address and all personal details.

              Please note: once the e-mail address stored in the account has been changed, the new e-mail address will automatically be used as the login for the customer account used. Your selected password will remain unchanged.

              Purchasing tickets

              How do I initiate a timetable enquiry?

              To perform a timetable enquiry, launch the app and click on the green button with a “+” icon on the start screen. This launches a new chat, and you will be guided through the timetable enquiry process.

              What do I have to do before purchasing my first ticket?

              Launch a new chat record using the button with the “+” icon. Once you have entered the departure point and destination, click on “Tickets”. Select the desired ticket and confirm it by clicking on “Purchase ticket”. You will now be prompted to log in or register. If you have not previously registered, you will now have to create a customer account. Otherwise you can simply log in, and you will be asked for the details of your preferred payment method. Here you will have the option of directly storing your preferred payment method in your customer account and using this for future ticket purchases when logged in.

              Which tickets can I purchase with the BLS Mobil app?

              With the BLS Mobil app, you can purchase the following tickets:

              • Single tickets for travelling within Switzerland and for individual travel destination in the border regions (e.g. Domodossola, Constance or Vaduz)
              • City-Tickets
              • City-City-Tickets
              • Various day tickets (9 am, children)
              • Supersaver tickets
              • Multi-trip ticket 

              Single tickets and day tickets for the following fare networks:

              • A-Welle
              • Arcobaleno
              • BeoAbo
              • Frimobil
              • Libero
              • Mobilis
              • Onde Verte
              • Ostwind
              • Passepartout
              • Schwyz
              • TNW
              • Unireso
              • Z-Pass
              • Zug
              • ZVV

              Tickets can be purchased for journeys in first and second class, as well as at reduced prices (with the Half-Fare travelcard) or the full price (without a discount card). The range of tickets on offer will be continuously expanded.

              The following tickets are included in the lezzgo function:

              • Single tickets for direct services
              • 1-day travelpass for the Half-Fare travelcard for direct services
              • Regional single tickets
              • Regional 1-day travelpasses

              The following are not included:

              • Supersaver tickets
              • Multi-trip tickets
              • City Tickets
              • Boat trips
              • Fares for specific companies (e.g. Gurtenbahn, Polybahn, etc.)
              • Night-time surcharge tickets
              • 9 o’clock travelpass for the Half-Fare travelcard for direct services

              I have a Half-Fare travelcard. Can I purchase tickets at a reduced price?

              Yes, you can add your Half-Fare travelcard to your customer account.

              Can I also purchase first-class tickets?

              Yes, to purchase a first-class ticket, simply select the «First class» button when purchasing your ticket.

              Can I purchase several tickets at once? E.g. for fellow passengers, other family members, etc.

              No, currently you can only purchase one ticket per purchase procedure.

              Can I use the app to purchase a ticket for another person, for my bike or for my dog?

              You can purchase tickets for other people. However, as tickets are personalised, you will need to adjust the passenger details. The purchase of tickets for your dog or bike is currently not possible through the app.

              Does my mobile telephone have to be connected to the internet to purchase tickets with the app?

              Yes, your mobile telephone must have an active internet connection to register the payment method and to make a purchase. As soon as the ticket has been sent to your mobile telephone, the internet connection is no longer required.

              If you use the lezzgo function, you must have the location feature on your smartphone switched on so that it can identify the route you are travelling. To find out more, visit https://www.lezzgo.ch/faq.

              Can I redeem promotional codes?

              Yes, promo codes of the BLS Mobil app can be redeemed in the app.

              Can I request a receipt to be issued?

              Yes, in your customer profile you can select the option «Send me receipts per e-mail». After storing your profile data, you will receive your receipts by e-mail in PDF format.

              Can I view my receipt in the app?

              No, the receipt is only sent out by e-mail.

              When will I receive each receipt?

              The receipt will be sent to the e-mail address linked to your account immediately after the payment is completed. Your lezzgo receipt will be sent to you in the morning on the day after you travel. To find out more, visit https://www.lezzgo.ch/faq.


              What do I have to do during a ticket inspection?

              Launch the app, display your purchased ticket in the corresponding chat or using the menu item “My tickets” and show it to the ticket inspector. If you additionally possess a valid subscription (e.g. Half-Fare travelcard), then please also present this for inspection.

              Please note: ticket inspectors are authorised to operate your smartphone themselves in order to conduct the appropriate inspection of your ticket. Tickets purchased by you are personalised and non-transferable. You must therefore provide the ticket inspector with a form of personal ID (e.g. ID card) if prompted to do so.

              What happens if my smartphone runs out of battery during the journey?

              It is your responsibility to ensure that a ticket purchased using the app can be presented to the ticket inspectors during your journey. Please therefore check your battery levels before beginning your journey, and take your phone charger with you if necessary. If you are unable to present a valid ticket because your phone’s battery has run out, you will be treated as a passenger travelling without a valid ticket.

              Save SwissPass to app

              Can I save my SwissPass to the app?

              Yes, since July you have been able to link your SwissPass with the BLS mobile app. Thanks to the digital SwissPass, all public transport services can be displayed on your smartphone – irrespective of whether it is your GA travelcard, Half-Fare travelcard or Fare Network travelcard. In the event of inspection, prove your identity with an official identity card/passport or SwissPass (obligation to possess [but not to carry] a government-issued identity card).


              Which payment methods can I use for purchasing tickets with the BLS Mobil app?

              The following payment methods are currently supported:

              • Twint
              • Visa credit card
              • Mastercard credit card
              • American Express credit card
              • PostFinance Card
              • Reka Card

              How can I change the payment method selected?

              Under the menu item “Profile”, you can delete stored payment methods from your customer account. A new payment method can be stored and saved during your next purchase.

              Is a payment initiated when I cancel a purchase?

              If the purchased ticket is not displayed in the chat record or the menu item “My tickets”, the payment has not worked and your payment method has not been debited.

              My payment method was not accepted. What can I do?

              Something is not right with your payment method information. Perhaps the credit card has expired, there isn’t sufficient balance remaining on the account, or the card limit has been reached. Please contact your payment service provider.

              Can I also pay for tickets using my mobile phone contract?

              Unfortunately, this function is not available.

              Ticket validity & issuing

              When is a purchased ticket valid for?

              The purchased ticket is valid for the day you selected as the date of travel when purchasing the ticket. When purchasing fare network tickets (e.g. tickets for the Libero fare network), additional time restrictions must be observed (e.g. a validity of 30 to 60 minutes). It is not possible to subsequently change or exchange purchased tickets.
              In addition, the earliest period during which you can purchase tickets with the BLS Mobil app is 30 days before your journey. The purchase process must be fully completed before the actual departure of the train. Otherwise a surcharge set out in T600.5, Clause 30.00 (without fare price) will be applied.

              Can purchased tickets be refunded?

              It is generally not possible to subsequently change or exchange purchased tickets.
              Mobile tickets can be refunded in the following exceptional cases:

              • Proven inability to travel (illness, accident or death)
              • Lack of seats in first class (confirmed by train staff)
              • You have forgotten your Half-Fare travelcard or point-to-point travelpass
              • Multiple mobile ticket purchases (travel date, route and passenger – surname, first name and date of birth – are identical)
              • Mobile ticket with erroneous personal details (surname, first name or date of birth, insofar as these are obvious entry errors)
              • Mobile tickets with the wrong date, so long as the journey to the destination can no longer be completed on this day according to the timetable. Example: Example: The mobile ticket is purchased at 11.40 pm for that same day, yet the last train connection to the selected destination already departed at 11.30 pm.
              • The journey to the destination is therefore no longer possible on the selected date. You must be able to present a new, correctly purchased ticket in order to receive your refund.
              • You have purchased a ticket for the wrong customer group (day ticket without Half-Fare travelcard or full fare instead of concession).
              • The ticket could not be presented for inspection due to technical errors in the app.

              Data protection

              Which permissions does the app demand, and for what purposes?

              Location finder:
              To enable the use of geolocalisation (current location), the GPS function must be active. The location feature on your smartphone is also used to identify the route you are travelling when you use the lezzgo function. To find out more, visit https://www.lezzgo.ch/faq.

              Internet access:
              The app requires internet access to search for timetable connections, purchase tickets and successfully complete transactions using the stored payment method.

              Contact details:
              Your contact details are only required if you wish to purchase tickets using the BLS Mobil app.

              What happens to my personal data?

              All data are transmitted in encrypted format (SSL) and used exclusively for the purposes of issuing and sending tickets. You can find out more about this in the GTC stored in the BLS Mobil app, and in the data protection policy of BLS AG.

              Are my payment details secure when I store them in the app?

              For security reasons your payment details are not stored on your mobile phone nor on BLS servers. Payment information is held with the payment service provider (Datatrans Ltd).


              Our BLS customer service team will be happy to assist you with any questions or problems.

              Personal advice

              Do you have any questions about buying tickets with BLS Mobil? We will be happy to help you at the BLS Travel Centre near you.

              Contact and Terms

              If you have any further questions about, experience problems with or have any suggestions on the BLS Mobil app, the BLS customer service team will be happy to help you.

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