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With a group ticket, groups of 10 or more travel 30% cheaper

If you’re planning a group trip within Switzerland, you have come to the right place. Our BLS Travel Centres will be happy to organise all your transport for you, so making the arrangements is a breeze. Fill in the handy online form at least two working days before your group trip is due to start – and simply leave the rest to us. 

The group ticket is the ideal ticket for company outings, club excursions, school trips or simply for travel groups of 10 or more people. It is available at full price for adults over 25 years and at half price for children and young people from 6 years up to their 25th birthday.

Travel for less as a group



 Adults  30% discount on the full price
 Half-Fare travelcard  65% discount on the full price
 GA travelcard  free
 Youths 6–24.99 years  65% discount on the full price
 Children up to age 5.99  free
 Dogs  65% discount on the full price

Travel documents that are not included:

• Junior travelcard or Children's Co-travelcard 

• 1-day travelpass 

• Night GA travelcard

Book a group trip and reserve seats

Order your group ticket from us at least two working days before your trip is due to start and before 15.00 hours and we would be happy to reserve seats for you on trains, buses and boats free of charge.

We recommend reserving early for larger groups. Please not that we are unable to reserve seats on regional trains and that seats on certain special trains with a surcharge (e.g. Glacier Express) must be reserved earlier.

Book your group trip online, in person at the ticket counter or by phone at your local BLS Travel Centre.

Moving or cancelling your trip or changing the number of travellers

If you need to move or cancel your group trip, please contact your BLS Travel Centre by 11.00 hours the day before at the latest.

There is no additional charge for moving your group trip. If you cancel your trip, we will charge a fee of CHF 30.00 per request.

If the registered passengers are unable to travel at short notice, you may confirm the actual number of travellers free of charge at the train station up to 30 minutes before departure. Or contact the train crew during the outward and return journey if possible. We will refund the relevant costs after the journey or credit them to the account. To do this, we need the validated group ticket and the unused counterfoils. We will charge a fee of CHF 20.00 per request.

1-day travel card for schools for CHF 15.00

For school classes and youth groups, there is the attractive day ticket for schools for CHF 15 per person. This allows groups with children and young people up to 25 to benefit from a particularly inexpensive day ticket for school excursions or «Youth + Sport» events.

Travelling comfortably, without having to carry your luggage around

Benefit from attractive special luggage offers and travel in comfort by public transport without any luggage. We will be happy to advise you about your individual luggage-transport options at our Travel Centres.
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