BLS operates and maintains a 420-kilometre-long rail network – the second-largest standard-gauge rail network in Switzerland.

BLS Netz AG is a subsidiary of BLS Ltd. The company has a workforce of approximately 800 people who are employed by BLS Ltd.

BLS Netz AG operates a 420-kilometre-long rail network, along which it builds stations, lays tracks, maintains tunnels and bridges and manages properties. Along with its own network, BLS Netz AG is also responsible for the operational management of the Lötschberg axis from Gümligen to Domodossola.

BLS Netz AG is managed by BLS Ltd, which supplies the necessary staff for infrastructure operations and also provides services for BLS Netz AG. Such services include maintenance of infrastructure vehicles and the provision of engine drivers for work trains. All services provided to BLS Netz AG by BLS Ltd are governed by service agreements in accordance with the total absorption costing principle.

The replacement value of infrastructure facilities currently amounts to approximately CHF 8.7 billion, whereby more than half of this total is accounted for by engineering structures and 22% by tracks.

BLS Netz AG owns

  • 119 train stations
  • 57 tunnels
  • 726 bridges
  • 985 points
  • 724 km of overhead lines
  • 95 signal towers
  • 1,000 kilometres of fibre-optic cable
  • 52 locomotives/railcars
  • 378 buildings

BLS Ltd owns 33.4% of BLS Netz AG stock. The Swiss Federal Government has a 50.05% interest, SBB has a 0.05% interest and the canton of Bern owns 16.5% of the company.

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    Lötschberg Base Tunnel: a new Alpine rail link to connect Europe

    The Lötschberg Base Tunnel is the centrepiece of the BLS infrastructure. It is one of the safest, most modern and most technically complex rail tunnels in the world.