Who we are

Our strategy

BLS sets out five strategic priorities in its corporate strategy.

In it, it sets out the development for the coming years. By implementing this strategy, BLS is laying the foundations for a sustainably successful future for the company.

Strategic objectives

1. Our employees are the key to our success

As an attractive employer, BLS offers meaningful activities and modern employment conditions. It fosters inclusive cooperation and strengthens its responsibility for social sustainability through diversity in the teams. The corporate culture is marked by appreciation, personal responsibility, reliability and a focus on solutions. With strategic staff planning and strength-oriented staff development, BLS lays the foundation for the success of the company and enables its employees to contribute their skills in the best possible way.

2. We use our resources in a targeted and efficient manner

BLS provides a strong public service for its customers and ensures the economically sustainable development of the company. In doing so, BLS thinks and acts in an entrepreneurial way and uses its resources sensibly and with a focus on results. Efficient and transparent financial management ensures that resources are used effectively, while the processes are designed to be as straightforward as possible and always have an end-to-end focus. BLS builds up its structures so that the processes are implemented in the best possible way, thus ensuring the stability of the company.

3. With targeted growth, we contribute to the socio-political goals

BLS is committed to increasing the modal split, as well as shifting freight transport, and it makes an indispensable contribution to socio-political goals. At the same time, it secures its economic growth. BLS exploits the possibilities of cooperation and innovation in a targeted way and seizes its opportunities in the market. In its cooperation with partners and competitors, BLS is collaborative, solution-oriented and reliable in everything it does.

4. We are committed to the environment

BLS acts sustainably and takes its social responsibility seriously – not only economically and socially, but also ecologically. To do so, BLS implements measures to protect the environment, uses the possibilities of the circular economy, reduces its energy consumption, and is aiming to be carbon-neutral by 2050. It is driven by continuous improvement and making an important contribution to current and future generations.

5. We maintain a focus on the customer

BLS connects – yesterday, today and tomorrow. Its core task is to move people and goods and to connect regions. In doing so, BLS is always guided by the needs of its internal and external customers and clients. It knows their current and future requirements and offers attractive and innovative solutions. Customers can rely on BLS. BLS has its core business well in hand, providing safe, clean and punctual services.

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