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The BLS network brings regions together BLS operates and maintains a 420-kilometre-long route network – the second-largest standard-gauge rail network in Switzerland. BLS owns 119 stations and stops, 57 tunnels, 726 bridges, 950 points, 719 kilometres of overhead lines, 93 signal towers, 1,000 kilometres of fibre-optic cable, 51 locomotives/railcars and 374 buildings.

Our responsibilities as an infrastructure operator range from expanding and improving the route network to operational management and the construction and provision of infrastructure. We face extensive challenges in an environment marked by increasing digitalisation, greater demand for passenger and freight transport services and the emergence of new customer requirements in an ever-more mobile but also ageing society. We therefore continually invest in our facilities and systems in order to improve quality and enhance safety. As a builder, operator and manager, we are committed to making infrastructure more cost efficient in order to strengthen the rail system in Switzerland.

Route network Network Map

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    Bridges and tunnels The most impressive buildings and structures

    Longest tunnels

    • 34.5 km Lötschberg Base Tunnel
    • 14.6 km Lötschberg Summit Tunnel
    • 8.5 km Grenchenberg Tunnel
    • 3.2 km Mittalgraben Tunnel


    • 400 m Longest: Saane Viaduct
    • 78 m Highest: Bietschtal Bridge
    • Built in 1899 Oldest: Schwäbis Bridge

    Network Condition Report

    Every year, BLS publishes a detailed report on the condition of its network for the Federal Office of Transport. The report evaluates the condition of all facilities in our infrastructure – for example tracks, bridges, tunnels and stations. The Network Condition Report helps illustrate the impact that investments have on the development of the network.

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