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Snow shoe hiking in Kiental

Through the snow in the peaceful valley

Discover the magical Kiental via its approximately 30 kilometres of waymarked snowshoe routes. Away from the mass-tourism sites, snowshoe walkers can here explore the landscape in peace and quiet using the various trails of differing lengths and difficulty levels. The trails lead alongside frozen brooks and through snow-decked fields and forests. The frozen Lake Tschingel is an especially captivating sight to behold.


In Kiental, snowshoe walkers can enjoy 30 km of waymarked routes.

Kiental Dorf–Fullbrunni–Kiental Dorf easy

Route 1: Kiental Dorf–Fullbrunni–Kiental Dorf

The Lengschwendi area can be reached via the valley station of the Ramslauenenbahn lift. You then climb up through snow-covered meadows along the sunny uplands to Gürmschli.  From there, the trail descends through the forest to the Zällergrabe/Fulbrunni. The Fulbrunni trail and the Tschingel trail cross here. Whereas the Tschingel trail continues further into the valley, the Fulbrunni trail forks off to the left here. By following the valley walking trail, you return via the Losplatte to the starting point by the Ramslauenenbahn lift.

The snowshoe trail

Walking time 2 hours 10 minutes
Distance 7.4 km
Elevation difference Ascent: 270 m
Descent:   270 m
Difficulty level Easy
Starting point/End point Valley station of the Ramslauenenbahn lift

Kiental Dorf–Tschingel–Kiental Dorf Medium difficulty

Route 2: Kiental Dorf–Tschingel–Kiental Dorf

The first section of this walk to Zällergrabe/Fullbrunni is identical to Route 1. From here, you have the option of taking the valley walking trail back to Kiental Dorf (abbreviated version). Those in the mood to go further, however, can follow the Alpine trail up to Lake Tschingel.

The snowshoe trail

Walking time 3 hours 40 minutes
Distance 11.4 km
Elevation difference Ascent: 390 m
Descent:   390 m
Difficulty level Medium
Starting point/End point Valley station of the Ramslauenenbahn lift

Ramslauenen–Farnital–Lengeschwendi–Kiental valley station medium

Route 3: Ramslauenen–Farnital–Lengeschwendi–Kiental valley station

The starting point of the snowshoe trail is located at the mountain station of the Kiental-Ramslauenen chair lift. The trail initially takes you along the toboggan run until just after the first hairpin bend, where the snowshoe route then branches off to the right and leads across the Bachligrabe river into Farnital. The path continues down steep snowy meadows to Lengi Weid and across to Lengschwendi. There, you cross paths with the Kiental trail, which leads to Lake Tschingel. Those who wish to can combine both trails.

Please note

The area in which the Griesalp is located is prone to avalanches, so it is important to take the risk situation into account. The snowshoe route may be shut at short notice.

The snowshoe trail

Walking time 1 hour 50
Distance 4.1 km
Vertical position Ascent: 30 m
Descent:   430 m
Degree of difficulty medium
Starting/end point Ramslauenen cable car mountain station/Ramslauenen cable car valley station

Special notes

  • Snow shoe trails can be used free of charge.
  • Always stay on the marked routes. Wild game is particularly sensitive to disturbances in winter. We therefore worked with the local game warden to mark out routes that avoid areas frequented by game.
  • Please keep dogs on the lead at all times.

Availability Available on 27.12.2023

Possible daily depending on snow conditions.

Operating times chairlift Kiental-Ramslauenen

25 December 2023 until 26 February 2024

Wednesday to Sunday from 09:00 to 16:00


Snow shoe trails can be used free of charge.

Prices chairlift Kiental-Ramslauenen

  • CHF 20.00 Day ticket

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Prices in CHF, incl. VAT / Prices are subject to change without notice.

BLS suggestion

Giant Heart

Visit the giant heart made of metal at Berghaus Ramslauenen and attach a heart's wish. Wish ribbons are available at the nearest mountain inn or tourist centre.

Crackling Kiental – a barbecue backpack

A backpack full of local products, barbecue spots by Lake Tschingel and Pochten – the perfect combination for a relaxed winter barbecue in the wildly romantic Kiental.

The wide-open landscape by Lake Tschingel is hard to beat – the only way to improve it is with a fire by the shore. In Kiental, there are no fewer than two barbecue spots just waiting to be used by hungry walkers, who don’t even have to pack their own provisions: simply book online, pick up your rucksack of food together with the route description on site, and off you go. This offer is suitable for excursions at lunchtime and in the evening.

Here’s how:

  • Reserve your rucksack at the Tourist Centre Kiental-Reichenbach
  • Collect your rucksack from Bäckerei Aellig (Griesalpstr. 55, 3723 Kiental) and pay
  • Drive or walk to the barbecue spot
  • Enjoy the rucksack’s content at your new favourite spot
  • Return the rucksack to Bäckerei Aellig

In the backpack:

  • Cervelat sausage or bratwurst or barbecue tofu with Alpine herbs (you can choose one of these)
  • Snowman gingerbread
  • Nut slice
  • Portion of mustard
  • Pour-your-own tea
  • Matches
  • Firelighters
  • Kindling
  • Panoramic map with barbecue spots and drop-off point

Backpack price

  • CHF 26.00 Per person cash payment when collecting the rucksack on site

How to get there

From Reichenbach Railway Station, the Postbus (no. 220) takes you to Kiental, Ramslauenen.

Food and drink

The following restaurants can be found along the snowshoe routes:

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