Kien Zappel circular trail

The Kien Zappel circular trail is based on the story “Dr Zouberwicht Kien Zappu” [“The magic dwarf of Kien Zappel”] by fairytale writer Barbara Burren. 

The circular trail is specially designed for families with children of pre-school age. Younger and older visitors alike can discover what makes the landscape so special and gain ideas for simple games – both traditional and new. The circular trail leads from the mountain station of the Ramslauenen chairlift across Alpine meadows and through a mysterious forest to the Underbachli stream and back to the mountain station.

Travel comfortably by train to Reichenbach in Kandertal. Continue by PostBus to the "Kiental, Ramslauenen" stop. The valley station is only about a 150 metre walk away from here.

Hiking trail

Print out the map with route and stamp card. Along the way, you’ll find hole punchers in the little houses that you can use to stamp the boxes. Once you have stamped all the boxes, head to the Berghaus Ramslauenen mountain inn, where a little surprise awaits you.

  • Map with route of the Kien Zappu circuit.
  • The trail is not suitable for strollers.
  • At one point the route is relatively steep but is not dangerous.

Note: Next to the hiking trail, you will find a barbecue area (very family-friendly).

Availability Available on 27.07.2024

From the end of May until approx. mid-October 2024
Saturday and Sunday 09.00-17.00

Opening hours are subject to change, please consult the Kiental chairlift website before visiting.


Kiental-Ramslauenen chairlift

  • CHF 10.00 Adults
  • CHF 10.00 Children (aged 6 to 15.99)
  • free Children (aged 0 to 5.99)
  • CHF 10.00 Day ticket
  • CHF 5.00 Bike transport

Prices in CHF incl. VAT / Prices and products subject to alteration

BLS suggestion

Kien Zappu audio book

The magical dwarf known as Kien Zappel lives happily and contentedly with his parents in a cave very close to the final station of a chair lift. His father laboured long and hard to create their home many years ago using a shovel and pickaxe. Beautiful rock crystals sparkle on the walls, and on the floor lie carpets of magical wool woven by his mother. In the company of the magical dwarf, you’ll enjoy funny stories and learn more about the mountain world. You can order the CD here and pick it up when you visit the Kiental valley.


The “Guggerwäg” also starts at the Ramslauenen mountain station. Together with the cuckoo, discover the animals of the Kiental valley. On the “Guggerwäg”, gamekeeper Paul Schmid and the Hunting Inspectorate present individual animals from the Kiental valley in various display cases. The presentations are interesting for both children and adults and offer a wonderful experience of nature. The hike leads from the Ramslauenen mountain station via Lengschwendi to Alperue and takes around 1.5 hours.

Barbecue / grill site

There is an area for barbecues by the Kien Zappel circular trail. Groceries can be purchased at the Dorfbäckerei Aellig directly opposite the post bus station “Kiental, Ramslauenen”.

Food & Drink

After the hike, let yourself be spoilt with culinary delights at the Berghaus Ramslauenen mountain inn.

Plan journey

Travel in comfort by train to Reichenbach in Kandertal. Continue by PostBus No. 220 to the "Kiental, Ramslauenen" stop. The valley station is only about a 150 metre walk away from here. The chairlift ride to Ramslauenen takes 15 minutes.

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