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Reichenbach House Trail

The Frutigland region is home to a special type of multi-purpose building: the “Frutigtyp”

You'll never know if you like “Frutigtyp” houses – unless you take a walk along the Reichenbach House Trail. This circular route with white sign posts begins at Reichenbach Railway Station and passes through various small farming cooperatives in the Reichenbach municipality. You can travel the route in both directions.

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The House Trail is open every day.


The House Trail can be used free of charge.


We recommend that you take binoculars with you so that you can see all the details of the houses.

The “Frutigtyp”

The Frutigland region is home to a special type of multi-purpose building: the “Frutigtyp” The house's living and farm sections are located next to each other on the gable side under the same roof. The "Frutigtyp" is a two-story log cabin. The living area usually has two rooms and the barns are of varying sizes. The projecting trusses and ledges on the houses are decorated with carvings.

Interesting facts about Reichenbach im Kandertal

Reichenbach is located away from major tourist destinations, which is why the village between Spiez and Frutigen has been able to preserve its original character down to this very day.

Reichenbach, which has 3,400 residents, is situated right at the beginning of the Kandertal Valley in one of the most beautiful areas at the base of the Alps in Switzerland – at the bottom of the Blümlisalp, behind which is the wildly romantic Kiental Valley. With its typical wooden houses and old church, Reichenbach is a wonderful place to stroll through.

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