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Snowshoe trail from Luthern Bad to Badegg or Mount Napf

Walking over snow-covered hills – what a wonderful feeling

In winter, Luthern Bad becomes the starting point for a pleasurable winter walk. With three attractive and well sign-posted snowshoe routes, you can enjoy the beautiful snow-covered landscape surrounding Mount Napf.

Reisen Sie bequem mit dem Zug bis nach «Hüswil» und weiter mit dem Bus bis Haltestelle «Luthern Bad, Dreilindenplatz». Der Schneeschuhtrail startet unmittelbar bei der Bushaltestelle.

Snowshoe trails

The trails start in Luthern Bad, directly at the "Dreilindenplatz".

Hinter-Ey Trail (4 km)

This trail forms a shortened combination of the Napf and Badegg trails. From Luthern Bad, the idyllic trail follows the bed of the Luthern stream to the Hof Hinter-Ey inn. From here, a short, steep ascent leads through the forest. The Badegg and the starting point of Luthern Bad are easily reached from here.

Length: 3.8 km 
Ascent: 235 m
Time: 2 hrs
Max. altitude: 1,110 m above sea level
Places along route: Luthern Bad–Hinter-Ey–Badegg–Luthern Bad

Badegg Trail (4 km)

From Luthern Bad, the trail leads into the small side valley towards the Luthern Bad pilgrims’ chapel (Wallfahrtskapelle). After a few metres, the trail leads uphill on the other side of the stream. With an ascent of just over two hundred metres, the trail alternatingly leads across open countryside and through forest to the Badegg. From here you can enjoy a beautiful view of Luthertal. After a short descent, the trail returns to the starting point.

Length: 3.8 km
Ascent: 145 m
Duration: 1 hr 30 mins
Max. altitude: 1,020 m above sea level
Places along route: Luthern Bad–Niespel–Badegg–Luthern Bad

Napf Trail (8 km)

From Luthern Bad, the trail leads to the Hof Hinter-Ey inn. After some beautiful sections through woodland and via a ridge, you will reach the Alp Trachselegg, an Alpine meadow. This first beautiful outlook point is a wonderful place to rest. The trail leads onwards across the meadow and into the mountain forest towards Mount Napf. After a few loops in the steep forest, the trail emerges on the summit, where a splendid panoramic view and the Berghotel Napf await you. During the descent, the first section in particular demands careful attention to the signposted danger spots. The descent continues idyllically via Niederänzi to the Badegg and on towards Luthern Bad.

Length: 8.8 km
Ascent: 641 m
Duration: 4 hrs 30 mins
Max. altitude: 1,408 m above sea level
Places along route: Luthern Bad–Trachselegg–Napf–Niederänzi-Badegg-Luthern Bad


Depending on the snow conditions, the routes are accessible at any time.



  • CHF 15.00 Snowshoe
  • CHF 5.00 Sticks

The snowshoe trail can be accessed for free.

Prices in CHF incl. VAT / Prices and products subject to alteration

How to get there

Travel comfortably by train to «Hüswil» continue with bus to the stop «Luthern Bad, Dreilindenplatz».

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