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Änziloch hike from Napf to Romoos

Hike from Mettlenalp to the Napf and via Änziloch to Romoos

The BLS hiking bus takes you comfortably to the starting point of the hike. A steep path leads up to the Napf from Mettlenalp. After this one-hour hike, enjoy the view from the Jura to the Alps during a well-deserved break. Strengthened, you follow the path down to the Stächelegg alpine inn, where you can buy provisions for the road or a souvenir. From here, you get a first glimpse of the imposing Stächeleggflue, also called the "Änziloch." Via Ober Änzi with the summit cross and Mättebergegg, the trail leads via Goldsitenegg to the Brätlistelle (barbecue area) in the bend at the Goldsite. It is only about 10 minutes from here to the bus stop "Romoos, Holzwäge" and the Holzwäge-Beizli.

Route description

Key data

Walking route Mettlenalp–Napf–Änziloch–Romoos, Holzwäge
Distance 6,9 km
Walking time 2 hours 30 min
Elevation difference Ascent: 460 m / Descent: 429 m
Level of difficulty medium

Availability & How to get there Today (Saturday) open

06 May to 29 October 2023, exclusively on Saturdays and Sundays and also on general public holidays.

Getting there and back

By train to "Langnau i.E.," from there by bus line 284 (BLS hiking bus) to the final stop "Mettlenalp (Napf)."
Return with bus line 221 from "Romoos, Holzwäge" (the bus stop is in service daily from 29 April – 1 November 2023).

Normal public transport fares apply to the BLS hiking bus.

The normal public transport fares apply to the BLS Hiking Bus.

Food & drink

The following restaurants offer a well-deserved snack or thirst-quencher on the route between Mettlenalp and Romoos:

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