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Breath-taking views and lightning-fast rides

On Marbachegg, the mountain views are simply breath-taking. The sun terrace at Berggasthaus Marbachegg is a perfect place to relax. Marbachegg is also a great starting point for a variety of both leisurely and spectacular walks. Have the mountain inn pack you a picnic basket to enjoy at your favourite spot along the way.

But you’ll find plenty of opportunities for adventure on Marbachegg too: with the three- or four-wheeled Marbachegg carts, you can drive yourself across the alpine meadows on a wooden track. Fans of cycling will find a true paradise in the facilities around Marbachegg. The Marbachegg Clientis Flowtrail takes you along a varied 4 km route to Marbach.

Travel comfortably by train to Escholzmatt. From there the post bus takes you to the “Marbachegg, Talstation” stop.

Suggested walks


This walk along the Napfbergland Border Trail takes you from the Marbachegg mountain station down to the Landgasthof Kemmeribodenbad inn via Kadhus and Oberhabchegg. Return journey via bus no. 251 from “Kemmeriboden” bus stop.

Key figures

Walking route  Marbachegg–Kadhus–Oberhabchegg–Kemmeribodenbad
Distance 8.1 km
Walking time 2 hours 30 minutes
Difficulty level medium

Further information


From the Marbachegg mountain station, the trail leads you over the Gassenegg ridge and on down to the “Schangnau, Waldegg” bus stop before continuing to Marbach via Kirchbühl and Wald. The walk can be shortened with a detour to Schangnau, or further into the walk in Wald or by the Marbachegg valley station. Return journey via bus no. 251 from “Marbach LU, Post” stop.

Key figures

Walking route Marbachegg–Gassenegg–Kirchbühl–Wald–Marbach
Distance 9.4 km
Walking time 2 hours 50 minutes
Difficulty level medium

Further information

Families and children

Equipped with the orienteering map, the whole family can explore Marbachegg on the Bretzeli photo orienteering route. The photo orienteering leads down to the Seeli lake and through secluded woods. Along the route there are two barbecue spots. Those who have found all ten posts and correctly snapped their way through the orienteering map will receive a small surprise when they finish at the mountain or valley station.

Additional walking tips, including short circular walks on Marbachegg and walks especially suitable for pushchairs, can be found via the following link.

Mountain biking facilities

Clientis Flowtrail Marbachegg

The Marbachegg Clientis Flowtrail takes you along a 4-km-long, varied route to Marbach. The trail includes lots of playful elements and is popular with cyclists young and old. Tricky sections are marked and can be avoided, while experienced bikers can enjoy spectacular jumps on the new CKW Jumptrail. The one-kilometre-long jump line winds along the sunny side of the Marbachegg, from the mountain station over the Schafport down to the drag lift, which takes the bikers back up again.

Dogs welcome

Dogs are welcome on Marbachegg:

  • Dogs ride for free on the gondola cableway.
  • There are drinking bowls provided at the Berggasthaus Marbachegg.
  • Dogs are also welcome as overnight guests at the Berggasthaus Marbachegg.
  • Around the Marbachegg there are hiking trails from easy to challenging and thus offer something for dogs and masters of all interest groups.

Availability Today (Monday) open

Marbachegg gondola lift

Early season (May 13 to June 2, 2023)

Thurs, Sat 08.30–17.30 hours
Sun 08.00–17.30 hours
Mon–Wed, Fri only in good weather; please see marbachegg.ch

High season (June 3 to October 22, 2023)

08.30–17.30 hours
Thurs evening only until the end of September
17.00–20.00 hours (only in good weather; please see marbachegg.ch)
Sun 08.00–17.30 hours

Please note that during the early season (May 13 to June 2, 2023), the lift only operates in good weather on Mon–Wed and Fri. Available daily on request for groups and school trips.

Subject to change without prior notice

Marbachegg Cart-Run


June 3 to October 22, 2023

12.00–16.30 hours
Sun 10.00–16.30 hours

Summer vacations: July 8 to  August 20, 2023

Wed, Fri–Sun
12.00–16.30 hours

Fall vacations: September 30 to October 15, 2023

Wed, Fri–Sun
12.00–16.30 hours

Additional driving times for groups of 10 or more possible by appointment.

In operation Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday during summer vacation (July 8 to August 20, 2023) and fall vacation (September 30 to October 15, 2023), from 12:00 to 16:30.

Please note: for safety reasons, the Cart Run only operates in dry weather.
Cart rides: for children from the age of 11. Children under 10.99 must be accompanied by an adult.

Subject to change without prior notice

Berggasthaus Marbachegg 

08.30–17.00 hours
Sun 08.00–17.00 hours


Subject to change without prior notice


Marbachegg gondola lift incl. Marbachegg Carts

Gondola lift, one-way incl. two Cart rides

  • CHF 26.00 Adults
  • CHF 17.00 Adults with Half-Fare travelcard / GA travelcard
  • CHF 23.00 Young people (16–19.99)
  • CHF 17.00 Children (11–15.99)
  • CHF 23.00 OASI pensioners

Gondola lift, return incl. two Cart rides

  • CHF 32.00 Adults
  • CHF 19.00 Adults with Half-Fare travelcard / GA travelcard
  • CHF 26.00 Young people (16–19.99)
  • CHF 19.00 Children (11–15.99)
  • CHF 26.00 OASI pensioners

Prices in CHF incl. VAT / Prices and products subject to alteration

Marbachegg gondola lift

Gondola lift, one-way

  • CHF 18.00 Adults, one-way
  • CHF 9.00 Half-Fare travelcard/GA travelcard, one-way
  • CHF 15.00 Young people (6-19.99), one-way
  • CHF 9.00 Children (6-15.99), one-way
  • CHF 15.00 OASI pensioners, one-way

Gondola lift, return

  • CHF 26.00 Adults, return
  • CHF 13.00 Half-Fare travelcard/GA travelcard, return
  • CHF 20.00 Young people (6-19.99), return
  • CHF 13.00 Children (6-15.99), return
  • CHF 20.00 OASI pensioners, return

Prices in CHF incl. VAT / Prices and products subject to alteration

Plan journey

Take the train to Escholzmatt, then continue by the post bus to the “Marbachegg, Talstation” stop.

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