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Lötschental mountain path

Discover one of the most famous hiking routes in the Valais

The 20 km long hike leads from Fafleralp to Lauchernalp to Goppenstein and is considered one of the most beautiful panoramic routes in the Valais. It runs through fragrant forests and over richly blossoming Alpine meadows. High above the walking trail, the glacier-covered Petersgrat stands in contrast to the verdant green of the forests and meadows, accompanied by the nearly 4,000-metre-tall mountain giant, the Bietschhorn.

The first section of the trail from Fafleralp to Lauchernalp leads along the Legend Trail and shows you the mystical side of the Lötschental. Thanks to a tricky quiz, your children will also enjoy setting out on the trail. If they succeed in solving the riddles, a small gift awaits them at the Fafleralp kiosk.

The RegioExpress Lötschberger takes you from Bern or Brig to Goppenstein without changing trains. From there, the post bus will take you directly to the starting point of the hike.


Lötschental mountain path

The hike starts at Fafleralp. You can reach it comfortably by post bus from Goppenstein. The hike follows the Lötschental Legend Trail up to Lauchernalp. This route is also ideal for families, because along the way you will find a tricky legend quiz about the myths and fairytales of the Lötschental. The trail continues via Hockenalp and Restialp to Goppenstein station. From there the RegioExpress Lötschberger will take you comfortably to Bern or Brig without changing trains.

You will need enough time and a good level of fitness for the whole route. The hike takes about seven hours. However, the hike can be shortened at various places. For example, you can start the return journey from Lauchernalp by cable car to Wilder (Lötschen), valley station, and from there by post bus to Goppenstein (partial variant 1, see our savings tip).

An extension via the oberi or underi Meiggu to Jeizinen is also possible.

Walking route Fafleralp–Lauchernalp–Goppenstein
Distance 20.1 km
Walking time 7 hours
Elevation difference +710 m / -1260 m
Difficulty level medium
Catering options Gasthaus Kummenalp
Imbissecke Restialp
Restaurant Tellialp
Various picnic areas
Partial variant 1 Fafleralp–Lauchernalp (2 hours, 45 minutes)
Partial variant 2 Fafleralp–Lauchernalp–Blatten (5 hours, 40 minutes) 

Availability Today (Sunday) open

Operating hours Postbus Goppenstein-Fafleralp

Daily from 4 June to 23 October 2022, hourly between 07.03 and 18.03 hours

Operating hours Cable car Lauchernalp-Wiler

Daily from 4 June to 30 October 2022, between 08.25 and 20.25 hours


BLS suggestion

Special offer

If you only want to hike part 1 of the trail, you can benefit from the following price reduction if you buy the return journey by public transport at the same time:

  • 20% reduction on a single cable car journey Lauchernalp-Wiler or vice versa.
The savings offer is available at BLS Travel Centres and at any railway counter in Switzerland.

How to get there

Travel comfortably by train to Goppenstein. From Goppenstein station the post bus (direction Blatten/Fafleralp) takes you to within 30 minutes to the Fafleralp. 

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Lötschental: Lötschenlücke
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