King's way tour at the Emmentaler Show Dairy

Discover the home of Emmentaler AOP on the newly opened King’s way at the Emmentaler show dairy!

Take the new interactive tour and learn about the history of the brand and how Emmentaler AOP is made. Find out how the master cheesemakers transform high-quality raw milk into the most famous cheese in the world. The highlight is a special tasting of the original Emmentaler AOP right at the very heart of our production facility and maturing cellars. So... are you interested in finding out what the cow, mouse and cheesemaker have to say?

  • Coronavirus notice Please take note of the protection plan and any restrictions set by the provider.
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    Special offer 20% discount

    Buy a return journey by public transport and take advantage of the special offer with a reduction of  20% discount on the King’s Way tour and on the journey to Affoltern im Emmental and back

    The advantages for you:

    • 20% discount on the King’s Way tour, including a tasting
    • 20% discount on the journey to Affoltern im Emmental and back

    Example of a reduced price for admission to the tropical home of Frutigen

    • CHF 12.00 Adults instead of CHF 15.00
    • CHF 6.40 Teenagers (12 - 17.99 years) instead of CHF 8.00
    • free Children (up to 11.99 years)

    Can I also buy the special offer offline?

    Yes, you can buy the special offer as a "RailAway-Kombi" in the BLS Travel Centers and at the ticket counters in the Swiss train stations 

    Family discount

    20% discount on the regular rate (minimum one adult entry and one child or youth entry).

    Opening times Today (Thursday) open

    April to October:         09.00–18.30 hours
    November to March:  09.00–17.00 hours

    Subject to change without prior notice


    • The self-guided tour takes approximately 25 minutes and is available every day during the opening hours.
    • Languages: The King’s way tour is also available in French and English as well as German.
    • Suitable for wheelchairs and prams.

    Presentation of the offer on Radio Bern 1

    Listen here

    How to get here

    Travel comfortably by train to Hasle-Rüegsau, and from there take bus no. 471 to the «Affoltern i.E., Dorf» stop.

    Weather & webcam

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