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Hearty electric bike tours starting in Willisau

Four day trips to choose from

Willisau is located in the heart of the new Napfbergland electric bike arena and is the ideal starting point for your electric bike excursion. You can either ride one of the new stages of the Napf Heart Loop from Willisau to Langnau or Entlebuch, or you can choose the classic ride and follow the Heart Route from Willisau to Zug or Burgdorf. The Heart Loop stage from Willisau to Langnau takes you through a breath-taking pre-Alpine landscape.


1 April to 31 October

Opening times, bike station (electric bike collection)

Willisau Mon–Sun  09.00–12.00 Uhr / 13.30–18.00 Uhr 

Opening times, bike stations (electric bike return)

Burgdorf Mon–Sun 09.00–18.00 hours 
Zug Mon–Sun 09.00–11.00 hours / 16.00–18.00 hours
Langnau Mon–Fri 09.00–18.00 hours

Sat–Sun  09.00–12.00 hours / 13.00–18.00 hours
Entlebuch Mon/Tue/Thu–Sun  09.00–11.00 hours / 16.00–18.00 hours
  Wed  07.00–09.00 hours / 17.00–18.00 hours


Subject to change without prior notice


Included in the offer price

  • Electric bike day hire, incl. return transport (20% discount)
  • Free bicycle helmet hire, route map

Buy your reduced-price tickets at the departure station

  • GA travelcard: CHF 50.00

Public transport ticket valid for three days (one day when purchased online).

Prices in CHF incl. VAT / Prices and products subject to alteration


Heart Route Stage 6: Willisau–Burgdorf

Route: Willisau–Zell–Madiswil–Affoltern–Lützelflüh–Burgdorf
Distance: 63 km, of which 10.5 on natural paths
Elevation difference: 800m, regular ascents and descents
Ride time: max. 4 hours
Signposting: regional signposting, Herzroute (No. 99).
Intensity: medium (electric bike)

Heart Route Stage 7: Willisau–Zug

Route: Willisau–Neuenkirch–Sempach–Eschenbach–Cham–Zug
Distance: 69 km
Elevation difference: 660m
Ride time: approx. 5 hours
Signposting: regional signposting, Herzroute (No. 99).
Difficulty: medium (electric bike)

Napf Heart Loop: Willisau–Langnau i. E.

Route: Willisau–Eriswil–Wyssachen–Sumiswald–Lüderenalp–Langnau i. E.
Distance: 57 km
Elevation difference: 1,500m
Ride time: no information available yet
Signposting: regional signposting, Herzschlaufe (No. 399)
Difficulty: medium (electric bike)

Napf Heart Loop: Willisau–Entlebuch

Route: Willisau–Hergiswil–Luthertal–Menzberg–Doppleschwand–Entlebuch
Distance: 54 km
Elevation difference: 1,600m
Ride time: no information available yet
Signposting: regional signposting, Herzschlaufe (No. 399)
Difficulty: medium (electric bike)


You must reserve your electric bikes before purchasing the offer

People aged 16 and above are allowed to ride electric bikes (or people aged 14 and above with a moped licence)

Heart Route for groups

The stages of the Heart Route are also available for groups. Find out about the various offers at rentabike.ch and reserve your e-bikes or bicycles in good time.


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